BMW 1 3 Series E87 E90 E91 E92 E93 Shudder EGR Valve Delete Bypass Blank Kit Fix for Sale

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BMW EGR Valve Delete Bypass Blanking Blank Tube Fix Repair Fix Kit Replacement Anti Shudder Type SYMPTOMS OF FAULT

EGR valve failed, EGR valve clogged up, Rough engine running, Misfiring, Decreased throttle response, Loss of power or torque, Smokey engine , Low MPG / decreased MPG, Vehicle stalling at low speeds, Acceleration slow / sluggish,

THE FAULT Carbon rich recirculated exhaust gasses leave deposits within the EGR valve which restrict or damage the EGR valve causing vehicle faults.

The EGR valve on these vehicles is designed to redirect a portion of the vehicles exhaust gases back to the engine through the intake manifold. Carbon rich recirculated exhaust gasses enter the EGR valve before the intake manifold, over time Carbon deposits gather in the EGR valve and can interfere with the operation of the EGR valve flap and can block air flow.

Resulting in reduced fuel economy and vehicle performance. Often this build up damages the EGR valves which are expensive to replace. This malfunction of the valve or blocking of the exhaust port causes Detonation (also known as pinging or spark knock) causing misfiring or rough idle.

Many examples can be found across the internet showing these EGRs completely blocked up with carbon; significantly reducing airflow to the intake.

Our kit allows you to completely remove the EGR system curing these faults for the life of the vehicle.


Our kit allows easy replacement of the EGR valve with our improved design part which stops any recirculated exhaust gases entering the intake manifold. Completely removing the EGR system from the vehicle.

Install our completely Stainless Steel EGR blank and eliminate build up in the intake manifold. This allows the engine to breath better which can improve vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. Our EGR blanking kit stops these recirculated exhaust gases entering the intake manifold, eliminating the risk of future build ups.
Our kit is the most comprehensive available including all components required to delete the EGR valve and will fit in the same way as the OEM part. You will receive:
1x Stainless steel EGR tube, precision machined and all constructed from stainless steel.

4x Stainless steel EGR to intake manifold bolts.

1x Intake manifold to EGR rubber gasket.

1X vacuum pipe blanking plug with cable tie to secure.

2x Stainless steel EGR cooler blanks to allow you to blank off the EGR cooler if installed on your vehicle.

If you would rather remove the EGR cooler completely we have a kit in our store which allows you to do that.

1X Exhaust manifold blank with high temperature gasket and fasteners allowing you to remove the EGR to Exhaust manifold flexible tube that often blocks or splits.
Our kit is top of the range and the most comprehensive kit available. Check out our instructions and video to see how our kit allows you to successfully eliminate the EGR valve on your vehicle.

Possible advantages of EGR deleting:

Turbo can spool up quicker and at lower revs resulting in less turbo lag.

Prevents carbon build-up inside intake manifold and ports.

Smoother pick up from idle, engine running and better fuel economy.

Increases in power and / or torque which slowly fades as carbon builds up.

Improved fuel consumption / MPG.

USA stock Direct replacement for original EGR valve Next day delivery available Eliminate exhaust gases from the intake

BMW EGR Valve Stainless Steel Removal Bypass Delete Blanking Kit - YouTube

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BMW EGR Anti Shudder Type Valve Delete Bypass Blanking Blank Tube Fix Repair Fix Kit Replacement - YouTube

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[isdntekvideo] Download Instruction Guide
Download Instruction Guide VEHICLES AFFECTED

There are three styles of EGR valve, please do not rely on this data, please inspect your EGR valve to see which type you have and to match to our listings

This listing is for the EGR fitted with an anti-shudder throttle. This item is not suitable for EGRs with the quick release hose connection from the intercooler, nor EGRs where the intercooler hose connects directly to the EGR valve, secured with a hose clamp (these are available in our store) if you need any guidance we are here to help.

Part numbers: 11717804381, 11717792077

BMW engines: M47N2, M57N2

1 series E87
118d 5-door 2003- 2007
120d 5-door 2003- 2007

3 series E90/E91
318d 2004 -2008
320d 2004 -2008
325d 2004 -2008
330d 2004 -2008
330xd 2004 -2008

3 series E92
330d 2005 -2008
330xd 2005 -2008

3 series E93
330d 2005 -2009

5 series E60
520d 2002 -2007
525d 2002 -2007
530d 2002 -2007

5 series E60 LCI
520d 2005 -2009
530d 2005 -2009
530xd 2005 -2009

5 series E61
520d 2002 -2007
525d 2002 -2007
530d 2002 -2007
530xd 2002 -2007

5 series E61 LCI
520d 2005 -2010
520d2005 -2010
530xd 2005 -2010

7 series E65
730d 2004 -2008

7 series E66
730Ld 2005 -2008

X3 E83
X3 2.0d 2003 -2006
X3 3.0d 2003 -2006

X3 E83 LCI
X3 2.0d 2006 -2010
X3 3.0d 2006 -2010

X5 E70
X5 3.0d 2006 -2010

X6 E71
X6 30dX 2007 -2010

Vehicles which utilise a vacuum operated EGR will not normally show a fault code when replaced with our EGR blank. Vehicles with an electronically operated EGR will show a fault code which will need to be mapped out. This is the same for all suppliers of EGR deletes whether stated or not.

This item is for diesel vehicles only not for petrol vehicles.


1x Stainless steel EGR delete tube
4x Stainless steel EGR delete tube mounting bolts
1x Stainless steel exhaust manifold to egr pipe blank
1x High temp exhaust manifold blank gasket
2X Exhaust manifold blank bolts with locking washers
2X Stainless steel EGR cooler blanking plates
1X Vacuum tube plug with cable tie
1x Intake manifold to EGR gasket


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