BBS RZ 15 x 7 BMW (from E36 3 series) may fit: E9 E24 M6 635 E28 M5 535i M3 for Sale

Price: $400

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A classic set of BBS wheels for classic BMW's...real ones, made in Germany (not some Asian look-kinda-likes.) Still with the original factory finish, and... as you can see from the pictures... kept in as close-to-new-condition as possible. Everything is included, the four hub covers and even the special BBS tool for removing/installing those. All depicted in the photos, for your complete review. These wheels were made in late '91 to early '92 and were sold as one set back then, see manufacturing date close-up photo. They are: 15 x 7 size, 35 mm offset ("ET.") I had them on an E36 325i (summer use only,) but they will fit other BMW's, and I request that you confirm the fitment before you order.
Elsewhere on , there is a set similar to these that have been restored (with silver gray centers,) for nearly one thousand dollars... hope that a big discount is OK! I have high standards, and I don't think these need refinishing... and I've put up multiple photos of the fronts, and backs, etc, so you can see-and-judge for yourself. I've also done some close-up photos of those clever center caps (which are each made up of four parts)... I note that these alone sell for $60-85 each (!) right here on , too (that would be $240-$350 just for the four hub covers!) There's even a photo of the BBS manufacturing bar-code-looking sticker that's on the "inside" (all in German, of course) that is usually covered-up by the tire.
All of these are out-of-production, of course. In looking around, I mostly found "singles," not full wheel sets, and none remotely as nice as these...except for that repainted set for a $1G. Save a lot of money while still getting a great set of wheels that you can be proud of on your classic BMW... buy these for their style and original condition!

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