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PRB 13729

American Made

Big Block Chevy 489/496 DomeTop +18.0cc 6.385" Rod - SRS Race Piston Set
Part Number: 13729

Full Set of 8 Pistons, Pins and Locks.

1.270" Compression Height
4.250" Stroke
6.385" Rod Length
0.990" Pin OD
1/16in.1/16 in.3/16 in. Rings
Available Bore Sizes:4.280", 4.310", 4.320", 4.350", 4.375"(Your Choice, must include oversize with payment info)


SRS Probe SRS forged pistons are designed for high performance street and most racing applications. SRS pistons are available in a wide variety of designs, tuned to achieve the highest performance possible. Any combination from ultralight 2bbl oval track to high performance street, to heavily boosted race only cars will find Probe SRS Forged Pistons to be the perfect piston.

PROBE Industries Forged Pistons - The Fastest, Most Powerful Pistons For the Money! Since 1987 Probe Industries has manufactured a wide variety of products ranging from lightweight billet rockers to forged pistons. Probe Industries is continually striving for excellence in offering a large selection of products to racers and automotive enthusiasts. Today, Probe forged pistons are a result of many years of technological advances in both forging and machine tool technology.

May be used with boost and nitrous oxide.

  • 2618-T61 Forged Aluminum
  • Lightweight Wrist Pins
  • Lightweight Piston Design
  • Full Floating Wrist Pins
  • Tight Running Clearances
  • Narrow Piston Rings
  • Low Drag Skirt Design
  • Large Variety of Compression Ratios
  • Design Specific Valve Reliefs

Estimated Compression Ratios:

Part Number Cylinder Head Volume 106.0cc 112.0cc 118.0cc 124.0cc BBC 489 STROKER 13729-030 11.04 10.47 9.96 9.50 13729-060 11.16 10.58 10.07 9.62 13729-070 11.20 10.62 10.11 9.65 13729-100 11.33 10.74 10.22 9.75 13729-125 11.43 10.84 10.32 9.85

Do I need forged pistons?
Forged pistons may not be absolutely necessary in all applications. However, the minor additional cost of a forged piston can save your motor from disaster in a mirginal situation. What is the difference between the Probe FPS and the Probe SRS series of forged pistons?
Probe FPS Forged Pistons are designed for heavy duty and high performance use when the application requires a piston that is stronger than a Cast or Hypereutectic Cast Piston. They are suitable for heavy duty, high performance street and some race applications. Compression ratios are similar to factory applications and weights are generally lighter than the TRW equivalent. The FPS series is manufactured using the same ultra-modern machining techniques as the SRS and series pistons. Can Probe pistons take NOS and/or boost?
Now there’s a loaded question! Standard weight Probe FPS and SRS Series are manufactured with sufficient deck thickness to handle even large nitrous systems. The ring lands are moved down to provide additional strength in that area. Having said that, NOTHING can protect a piston from a nitrous lean-out. As the minimum thickness is .200” in the standard weight pistons, they are normally used in the 15 to 18 lbs. boostrange with no problems, though the same caveat applies for a lean-out. How much horsepower can Probe pistons handle?
There really is no limit. Probe forged pistons (SRS Series) are machined on 2618-t6 blanks and can handle as much horsepower as any piston made by anyone. The truth is, it’s all about the tune-up. If the mixture and timing are correct you’ll never have a problem. If they are not, that’s when you run into problems no matter who’s pistons you are ruining (we mean running). How much RPM can Probe Forged Pistons handle? There is no practical limit for RPM. In general, the higher the RPM the lighter the piston should be (33 ounces at 10,000 rpm is 20 TONS). For the SRS Series pistons 8,500 rpm is common. What are the benefits of a lightweight piston? Light pistons have several benefits. They reduce stress on the rotating assembly and block, especially at high rpm. They allow quicker wind up of the engine, much the same as a lightweight flywheel would. They make balancing easier, reducing or eliminating the need for expensive Mallory metal.

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