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Audi TT Mk1 1.8T 225hp Quattro 42 Draft Designs 3" Downpipe Race Series for Sale

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Audi TT Mk1 1.8T 225hp Quattro 42 Draft Designs 3

Price: $565

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In the past decade downpipes upgrades haves proven to be worthwhile modifications for all 1.8T engines. Case in point, the TT 225. Equipped with a K04 turbocharger and quattro drivetrain, the TT 225 is ready to put down all the power the K04 can deliver. Although well equipped, the TT's power potential is held back by restrictive factory components. Unleash that power with a 3" downpipe upgrade!

As any TT owner can attest, no modification is that simple. Since the TT first hit the US, tuners and enthusiasts have claimed 3" exhaust would not fit the quattro TT due to the narrow and awkwardly shaped exhaust tunnel. Fitment is tight, but certainly not impossible. In 2006 we released our 3" downpipe for the 225 quattro, changing the attitudes of countless TT owners. We make it that simple, building a downpipe that fits within demanding constraints and provides horsepower and torque gains worthy of the TT badge.

Starting at the turbo discharge our downpipe bolts up with a CNC machined turbo flange. A tight radius bend smoothly sends exhausts gases downward, steering clear of critical engine bay components. Joined to this bend with precision TIG welds, CNC mandrel bent tubing and a flex section route exhaust gases through one of the tightest tunnels we've ever worked with. Piping clears all heatshields, the subframe, and driveshaft with ease. CNC machined adjustable flanges connect our cat section, tucking a Magnaflow 200 cell metal high-flow cat into the limited space available. After the cat, a series of mandrel bends route the downpipe to the factory cat-back, attached using a 2.55" adaptor. This adaptor allows the fitment of stock exhaust and all aftermarket cat-backs. Additional adaptors are available for 2.75" and 3" cat-backs.

From turbo to cat-back the fitment of our downpipe has been fine tuned to perfection. The TT engine bay, body, and quattro drivetrain leave almost no space for a downpipe of this size. Our downpipe considers every fitment detail without over-complicating the modification. The first bend exiting the turbo has been positioned so that normal hand tools can be used on all bolts. Piping route and flex section position favor clearances and product longevity. Adjustable flanges allow the cat section and test pipe to be adjusted for maximum heatshield clearance without rattles. Oxygen sensor bung locations allow for simple installation in tight spaces. Wiring harness lengths are not affected and fitment is compatible with LHD & RHD TTs. Serious by design, our 3" downpipe squeezes all available power from a street or track driven TT. Horsepower and torque increases are estimated at 15hp and 20ft/lbs at the wheels, supported by additional modifications. Power increases can be felt instantly after installation. Midrange and top end power increases dramatically while almost no low end power loss is felt. Boost builds steadily without a major spike in pressure. The one and only side effect of our 3" downpipe is fun!


  • CNC mandrel bent 14 gauge aluminized steel tubing
  • CNC machined 1018 cold roll steel flanges
  • Professional TIG welded construction throughout
  • Stainless steel braided flex section
  • 409 stainless steel 200/cell metal catalytic converter
  • OEM K04 & double layer graphite gaskets
  • Grade 5 locking hardware


  • Fits 2001-2006 Audi TT 225 Quattro
  • Included 2.55" adaptor allows fitment of any cat-back
  • Adjustable flanges allow for precision fitment
  • Available in street or race configuration
  • LHD/RHD compatible
  • This downpipe will NOT fit 180 FWD or 180 quattro TTs. The 225 exhaust layout is unique to the the 225. This downpipe will fit no other TT or VW. 180 FWD & Quattro downpipes are available.

This model is theRace Series (w/out cat) Off Road Use Only!

Any questions feel free to contact us at Uromotive at gmail dot com. We carry any products from 42 Draft Designs, NewSouth Performance, Neuspeed, Forge Motorsport,VDO, Eurojet/Stasis.

Uromotive is does not assume any responsible for damage possibly caused by these products!

These units are made to order. Which means turn around time could be up to 2 weeks to ship! We will communicate through the process to let you know where your part is in the process.

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