Audi B5 S4 A6 RS4 2.7ltr High Flow SS Exhaust Manifolds USA for Sale

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ARD High Flow Exhaust ManifoldsThings we & others have noticed with these high flowing manifolds was Improved throttle response, improved spoolingcharacteristics, overall power especially in the later part of the rpm range, drastically less engine bay heat do to the thick wall free flowing manifold design.
Constructed just like our GT manifolds but log style using schedule 10 304 Stainless, wall thickness of 1/8th inch, fully Tig welded, back purged & now equipped with EGT ports.Runner ID is 1.50" throughout & the factory 2.7ltr exhaust ports are 1.47".
Test has shown the factory manifolds start to show signs of back pressure well before 1 bar while these have been tested past 60lbs with very little to no signs.
We & others have inspected countless factory manifold failures. You can't notice the factory manifold failure by doing a simple visual inspection because the runners are wrapped around a shell welded over the runners "Very smart Audi" I have several factory broken manifolds sitting here. Just simply shaking them you can hear the broken metal rattling inside them.
We've been building these style manifolds with this material for 14 yrs & haven't seen a failure yet.Not to say it can't or won't ever happen as there's several reasons on why amanifold can fail..The end user or the car/build can have a lot to do with amanifold failure.
(sale is for 1 set of Exhaust Manifolds Only) Note..... Right now you can buy them direct on at a discounted price
(Life time warranty on workmanship against cracking)

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