Alta Mini Cooper S V2 15% Super Charger Pulley & Gates Belt KIt K060535 for Sale

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Part Number:AMP-ENG-200V2
Notes:Supercharger Pulley V2.0; 15% Reduced
Manufacturer:Alta Performance
Product Category:Pulleys

Part Number:K060535Includes Gates 15% larger belt to complete the installThe V2 Pulley will be black with Gray Etched Logo Like pictured here VEHICLE SL41.6GASFIN; SALLPRODUCT OVERVIEWAlta Supercharger Pulleys - Version 2.0:While MINI may have given Cooper "S" owners a literal boost over standard Coopers there is no reason to be comfortable with 163HP. One of the best ways to turn up the power is to turn up the boost.

The ALTA Performance 15%, 17% and 19% reduction supercharger pulleys do just that. With the simple installation of this pulley and no other modifications will raise boost 3-5 psi, and more than 20WHP.

With a 15% and 17% pulley this rise in boost pressure will increase 15 to 20 horse power. No other modifications to ECU etc., required. Customers with other existing modifications or those seeking more HP the results can be even better with the addition of a header, intake, intercooler and exhaust!

ALTA Performance was the first manufacturer to design a two piece, taper fit Mini Cooper Supercharger Pulley. Today, It is the most imitated design on the market. Now we’ve upped the ante with the ALTA Performance Version 2.0 Supercharger Pulley with 15%, 17% or 19% reduction. Installation is easier than ever. And results are even more fantastic. The ALTA Performance pulley features a stainless steel supercharger shaft coupler with installation site aperture and the first to offer direct torque technology. Ultra light aluminum body decreases rotational inertia and overall weight. Oversized belt retainers and belt groove teeth increase belt grip. A decorative end cap faceplate provides a clean sleek look.

From exhaust systems, to full turbo upgrades to even something simple like an antenna mast, ALTA has your MINI needs met.

The ALTA has been a pioneer and market leader in the performance aftermarket since ots inception more than 10 years ago. Using the finest materials and labor, found here in the United States, you are assured that ALTA stands for quality and value.

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