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add a stylish touch to your car interior with these semi-fit custom seat covers from AUTOYOUTH Brand.fits most Detachable Headrest seats.Seat covers can extend the life of your vehicle and keep your brand seats looking clean and new.these seat covers fit most standard vehicles including sedan, SUV, truck, van and minivan.made of high quality materials and durable, features innovative fabric and design, Refresh the appearance of old or dirty places, Protects against streaks, fading, dirt, and animal hair, these covers protect your car seats from dirt, wear and tear.easy to install, no professional installation do not need to remove your original seat cover;

Semi-custom to fit most vehicles.will not interfere with heated seats.

Upgrade Your Car With Fashion Colors And Luxurious Interior Accessories.

all photos shown are not photoshop in any way;they are taken from the actual vehicle after our seat covers are installed.
many times, you will be amazed at how small things can make a huge difference.if you would like to have the same result and look at your car, all you need to do is save yourself a bit more time and patience for the installation.the time you spent will be totally worth it.

  • bottom rear seat cover and backrest cover comes separately, which is designed to accommodate the child / child's car seat, allow you to fully utilize the belt or recessed anchors back to lower the backrest.
  • designed to fit 50/50, 40/60, 60/40, or 20/40/20 split rear seats

AUTOYOUTH Brand Material:Premium Durable Polyester Fabric with 4mm Foam Padding.very soft, durable and breathable, machine washable and dry air.

the innovative design of the Tire Track heat embossed knit cloth, an eye-catching pattern adorns the center panel of this cover,

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Rear seat covers have three zippers on them to accommodate left and right 40/60 split, 40/20/40 split and 50/50 also allows you to fold the cup holder or armrest by unzipping one of the zippers on the backrest cover.

Attention:our seat covers have a stretchability, the back seat covers are usually 52 inches (132 cm) which can be extended to 56 inches (142 cm).removing the middle part, it can be reduced to 40 inches (102 cm).helps you easily expnd or shorten the cover to suit your model car seat.


Common Sense Car Seat Covers: Car
seat covers have two styles: "Dedicated car version" and "Generic car version"The difference between "Dedicated car version" and "Generic car version" seat covers:
1. "Dedicated car version" Advantage: it is a more compact appearance Appearance, look more perfect, sandwich material is thicker, more solid, sandwich material more dense.covers more weight.more complicated production process, attention to detail, high production is only suitable for a style, is to consider the many details of the seat parts.
2. "Generic car version" Advantage: The production process is simpler than the "Dedicated car version", we can follow the mass production process, lower cost than the "Dedicated car version."easier installation.the same seat cover can fit many models of the same car brand.

"generic car version" Weakness: He is no more fit than the "car Dedicated version".do not consider some of the details of the seat, for example, do not consider the position of the rear seat belt buckle, without considering some of the position of the special button, the seat belt buckle and special back seat buttons are completely covered by covers if the seat belt buckle is in the base of the rear seat or rear seat backrest.

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