ARC Style Uprated Top Mount Intercooler 4E 5E STARLET for Sale

Price: $199

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Introducing our newly developed ARC style uprated top mount intercooler for the ep82/ep91 starlet/glanza v turbo. It will handle up to 40 psi of boost. This intercooler is good for those who do not want to cut their bumpers for the front mounts and its a good solution for those who are worried about turbo lag. This intercooler will be excellent for the our ct9 hybrid and any other ct9 hybrid turbo on the market.
You will need to change out your old hoses for new ones for a proper fitment.

Maintains your fast spool up from the turbo and provides excellent cooling for your engine.

ARC intercooler sells for over 1200 usds new. Get this for a fraction of the price.

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