APS Twin Turbo Tuner Kit with 3.5" Downpipes for Sale

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This is from my personal car. It was run on the stock motor and then on a built motor. That's when I upgraded the turbos and the wastegates. It made 500RWHP with JWT S1 Cams.
Turbos Rebuilt (has about 5K miles on them)Turbos UpgradedWastegates UpgradedDownpipes Included 3.5"
Nissan 350Z - Intercooled Twin Turbo Tuner System

Since the first release of 'the Z' in the early 70's, Nissan ignited the passion of performance enthusiasts who desired high performance, sharp handling and killer looks. The 350Z has now taken the Z legend to new heights and has produced what is arguably the greatest Z yet.

Now, the perfect partnership has been formed in order to take the 350Z to a performance level that will have thoroughbred supercars running scared. Drawing on over 20 years of turbocharging, supercharging and intercooling design and production knowledge, APS has created the ultimate High Output Tuner System for the Z's 3.5L engine.

With insane horsepower and monster torque, the APS High Output System moves the 350Z performance enthusiast exclusively into the supercar owner's club.

Following on from the huge success of the APS Intercooled Twin Turbo system, APS has acknowledged the desire of some consumers to build extreme power engines and individualize their own Zs with custom fuel system and engine management solutions. To that end, APS has released the APS Intercooled Twin Turbo Tuner System - containing the turbocharger, intercooler and ducting hardware to deliver huge power - but without any fuel or engine management systems.

In addition, the APS Intercooled Twin Turbo Tuner System is specified with high poundage TIAL external wastegates ready for high boost pressures to deliver extreme power potential from built VQ35 engines.

Along with the huge intercooling capacity delivered from the APS dual entry vertical flow intercooler, the APS Intercooled Twin Turbo Tuner System is the perfect solution for those who demand extreme power potential and desire the freedom to utilize their favorite fuel and engine management systems.

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