AMC Javelin Wheel's/AMC Gremlin Wheel's +++(NEW TIRE'S) for Sale

Price: $850

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Tire's r BRAND NEW! ZERO miles r on tire's(no kidding, my car has been only pulled outside of garage and then back in once since I put them on)!Mastercraft's all the way around, 14's up front/15's at rear.205/70/14's up front/245/60/15's at rear.Wheel's r n good condition but need a major polishing!Front's r a slight different(they kind of have a bend in middle but they r close enough for me)!Also, I bought new cap's(they r CHEAP here on , $20.00 with free shipping) , but u will need to buy more because these r a tad bit too small and they fall through.I like them, was what I had wanted, especially oldskool staggered with 14's up front/15's at rear but now I want some Magnum style wheel's for my Jave.What u c is what u get!As far as shipping, get me pd my $ and then I will drop off at FedEx for u and then u can pay them directly, I sell/ship like this often.

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