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* MESSAGES ARE ANSWERED DURING BUSINESS HOURS 10AM - 5PM PST MON-FRI (EXC. HOLIDAYS) 99-01 BMW E46 3-Series 2DR Coupe Crystal Smoke Corner Lights - Snap In Type Manufacturer: Helix MSRP Retail: 99.99
Special Notes: These are for models with vertical clip (snap-in) type corner lights only.

Features metal clip reinforcements - much stronger than the standard plastic clips from DEPO, which tend to break during installation!

This is for one pair (1 left & 1 right). SKU: HBE46CL-2DE-SVX
Fitment Information Make: BMW Model/Chassis: E46 2DR Coupe Year(s): 99-01 Exceptions: VERTICAL CLIP (SNAP-IN) ONLY *Beware of mid-year auto mfg. changes. It is your responsibility to double-check with mfg or automotive forum to confirm fitment. Data is best of our knowledge. We are not liable for any errors. Click here for links to some guides. Product Description:

  • Brand New Helix Corner Light!
  • Type: Corner Light - Euro-spec ECODE!
  • Color: Crystal Smoke
  • Lens: Plastic
  • Bulbs Included: No
  • Bulb Specifications: Reuse stock connector & bulbs.
  • Retails at over 99.99, get it now for less!
  • Perfect update/replacement for your stock corner lights!
  • Features metal clip reinforcements - much stronger than the standard plastic clips from DEPO, which tend to break during installation!
  • Sold as a pair (1 left & 1 right).

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