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93-97 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Rebuilt Headlight Motor -$35 Core Deposit Refund for Sale

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93-97 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Rebuilt Headlight Motor -$35 Core Deposit Refund

Price: $110

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One 1993-1997 Pontiac Firebird rebuilt OEM headlight motor left/driver side or right/passenger side. If you need both sides please select (2) two items and I will assume you need one left and one right side. Usually when one motor fails the other is not far behind. If only purchasing one side then please send a message or a note with your payment to let us know which side you need.

Removal and installation instructions are now available upon request. Just add a note with your payment and I will send them to your PayPal email address.

**REFUNDABLE CORE DEPOSIT........This listing includes a $35 per motor refundable core deposit included in the purchase price. The deposit will be promptly refunded back to your PayPal account (or credit card if payment is made by credit card) the same day I receive your complete rebuildable OEM core motor(s). Missing or damaged parts may reduce the amount refunded. I do not deduct for the typical stripped or broken gear.

Please see my other listing if you would like to send me your core(s) to be rebuilt and avoid the core charge.

HEAVY DUTY GEAR UPGRADE (recommended).....only $35 additional....I am now able to offer a heavy duty rebuild with a CNC machined hard anodized aluminum gear. This upgrade will fortify the main weakness in these motors which is the gear assembly. You will likely never have to worry about a stripped or broken gear ever again. You cannot buy a new or rebuilt motor with this upgrade anywhere else but here. I now have a separate listing on to purchase this gear upgrade. See my other listings or search for "carguy8t8 gear upgrade" to purchase this upgrade or you are still welcome to request a total with the upgrade before you pay and I will add the upgrade to your invoice,

My rebuild service is the best most cost effective method to replace your non-functional OEM headlight motors and is much better quality than a Cardone remanufactured or China made aftermarket motor.

All headlight motors are completely disassembled and cleaned, the brushes inspected for wear, motor bearings are cleaned and repacked with grease, the armature housing is bead blasted and repainted when necessary to remove all traces of rust. The nylon gear is replaced and properly lubricated with the correct OEM grease. The entire assembly is fully bench tested to assure your headlight motor is working perfectly and runs as quiet and smooth as when it was new! Please check my response to see my many happy customers!

WARRANTY.......All my headlight motors come with a 2 year no hassle warranty (3 year with HD gear). If you have a problem with your motor just send it back to me and I will repair it and ship back to you within 2 business days or less or send you a replacement.

Feel free to contact me at 574-596-6638 or through messaging system with your questions or concerns before offerding.

Beware sellers selling used headlight motors that have not been rebuilt! If they are still working they won't be for long. After 10+ years they will soon fail for the same reasons as the one(s) you are trying to replace. That is why they do not warranty them or only warranty them for 14 days (Seriously 14 days!!!) These motors are not water tight and after many years the bearings will need to be cleaned and repacked with new grease along with many other issues. In most cases my rebuild service is still cheaper than used motors.

Beware the cheap Chinese headlight motors that are for sale on and most auto parts stores. They have a very high failure rate and do not last very long. That is why they only have a maximum 1 year warranty. I have recieved many of these as core returns. Most remanufactured motors also have quality issues and they are coated withthick black paint that can be scraped off with your fingernail. They even paint over all the wires and electrical plugs. I would never put low quality parts like that on my Firebird!

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