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8 Spoke 4 Lug Volkswagen Spirit Of America EMPI Style 15" Wheels Bug, Ghia, Etc. for Sale

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8 Spoke 4 Lug Volkswagen Spirit Of America EMPI Style 15

Price: $200

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***LOCAL PICKUP IS IN MARYVILLE TENNESSEE ONLY***Some specs:-EMPI style with Spirit of America center caps-ORIGINAL VINTAGE WHEELS4 lug VW bolt pattern, (4 x 130)
6.5 inch wide wheels
4 inch to back of wheel (setback)
22 inch diameter wheel mounting circumferenceThese 15" Two-Tone Gold on Silver PERIOD-CORRECT UNRESTORED wheels are straight off my 1968 Karmann Ghia that I just sold to a man who needed the motor and chassis. It turned out to be a rust-bucket beyond all hope. I drove these wheels on my 1974 super beetle while I was having new tires installed on my stock wheels last month and on my Karmann Ghia while I owned it, and they aren't out of round or wobbly at all. They will also fit a VW Squareback and a Porsche 914. I am not sure on other applications. These 4 wheels have no major curb damage, but they do need quite a bit of TLC to have them back to nice show car-type condition. If you just need a set of vintage wheels for your VW, these will work very nicely. There are dings, rubs, quite a bit of oxidation (especially the inner surface) and marks in differing areas. The center caps have some rubbing of the sticker logo to varying degrees, as well as one missing tab on two of them (see photos). I have posted the maximum 12 photos, trying to show as many views as possible. I will be happy to send more shots if needed.
The Ghia had front discs, accounting for the two with brake dust residue visible from the back view. It has stained the metal somewhat (again on the inner surface). I don't know if the gold is powder coat or paint, but the outer ring appears to be stainless or aluminum. There is some age related oxidation in spots. If you are seriously interested I will get the exact information and as many photos as you request in an effort to get these back on the road. PLEASE READ THE INFO ON THE TIRES, THEY ARE NOT VERY GOOD
These wheels have a set of 20+ year old 165 SR 15 tires that have sat for years partially inflated on my Ghia, and have the signature cracking associated with dry-rot. They also have some dirt mark/discoloration from sitting on one spot. We referred to these as "Maypop" tires (they may pop if driven on very far!) during the time I worked for Honda. I must ask that you not consider them as useable a for prolonged period. They are probably unsafe at high speeds. The valve stems do not have caps! THEY DO HAVE GOOD TREAD REMAINING. Please ask if you need more photos of the tires.
Again, please ask all the questions you need to make an informed purchase.
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