71 - 80 v8 vega monza chevy chevrolet traction bars new starfire sunbird for Sale

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I typically build theseas I sell them yet usually have pieces poeces started and in some cases a set done except for paint, so it can take up to a week to ship , usually less :) ok now- BEWARE OF ANY CHEAP SUBSTITUTES ,YOU WANT QUALITY , BUY THE BEST , IVE SOLD SEVERAL HUNDRED SETS OVER THE LAST 12 YEARS , BUY FROM THE ONE YOU KNOW AND TRUST * NOTICE THE NEW LOWER PRICE * here we go - " BUY IT NOW " . if you are building a vega,monza/h-body chassis car and using the stock rear suspension , YOU NEED a pair of these. on the early cars these are a must . and the laters with the torque arms , these will drasticly save them from distorting or breaking . increase traction , level the car on accelleration , eliminate wheel-hop .which means more power to the ground and faster 1/4 mile times . plus they just look cool to have under your car . i have made and sold a number of these .thanks to everyone . due to the demand , and satisfied customers , i am going to try and continue to offer them , but i am busy with life. now as long as i'm asked ,i will still offer them . this sale is for one set of traction bars for the chevrolet vega monza / h-bodies .these are made to ressemble the vintage lakewood "style" traction bars, which haven't been available for a number of years.a couple years ago i worked with a local fabrication shop to design and build these .made from a fixture of a couple sets of originals for fit .(which i still have ) these fit chevy vega , later chevy monza ,pontiac astre , pontiac sunbirds olds starfire and the buick skyhawk . i will guarantee to fit or i will refund payment with the return of items to me.as of now ,after over some 800+ sets sold , i have heard nothing but great things with much positive response .are very sturdy , made of new heavy duty 11 guage tubing , professional wire fed welded. MADE CUSTOM ONE AT ATIME FROM A FIXTURE. comes with a pair of NEW ENERGY SUSPENSION SNUBBERS IN YOUR CHOICE OF BLACK OR RED .the snubbers i provide are for stock to mildly lifted cars. YOUR CHOICE of rustoleum/krylon spray enamel over rustoleum/krylon spray primer .as for colors , black , red and yellow are the most popular colors , yet if walmart or ace hardware has it , give me a brand and number and i will get it .this buy it now is for ONE set .this is to be your last chance.YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED , THESE ARE VERY WELL CRAFTED BARS .AT TIME OF TRANSACTION I NEED TO KNOW WHAT COLOR YOU WANT .BUY IT NOW MEANS NOW I NORMALY MAKE , COMPLTETE THEM AS THEY SELL WHICH CAN TAKE A COUPLE OF WEEKS, BUT NOT ALWAYS . STANADRD SHIPPING IS INCLUDED THE CONTINIOUS UNITED STATES.and my part of s global shipping program. CONTACT ME FOR DIFFERENT LOCATION. DISCLAIMER - THESE ARE INTENDED FOR OFF HIGHWAY USE . WITH ANY AFTERMARKET PARTS , I AM IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY SITUATION THAT MAY ARISE WHICH COULD CAUSE PERSONAL INJURY OR ANY DAMAGE . IMPLIED OR ASSUMED * by purchacing a set you agree to these conditions -steve

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