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7" Seat Belt Extender - E4 Safety Certified - Black, A - Click & Go - SHIPS FREE for Sale

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Price: $16

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Unique Benefits

  • No installation needed. Just click the Extender in securely and go!
  • Stands upright, raising your seat belt buckle instantly!
  • Great for big people, police officers with bulky equipment, some pregnant women & more!
  • E4 safety certified and exceeds national & international safety standards.
  • Orders SHIP FREE in 1 day, generally arrive in 2-4 business days.
  • Exchanges process in 24 hours and new items also ship free! Return within 60 days to receive a 100% refund of your item's price.


Seat Belt Extender Pros


A (21mm wide metal tongue)



Added Length

7" (when buckled in)




Brand new in sealed bag

Safety Certificate

Yes, E4 Certified

Shipping & Returns

Orders ship out within 1 business day from Atlanta, GA. Orders usually arrive in 2-4 business days in the US, some areas take longer. Tracking information provided upon shipment (US only).

Simple exchanges or returns within 60 days. Returns: 100% refund of item price. Exchange: your new item ships free. Help always cheerfully provided.

- This Type A Extender, with a21mm wide metal tongue,adds about 7" to the existing length of your seat belt, raising the seat belt receptacle. It’s yoursafe solution to more comfort while drivingand riding in cars.

- Thefront, back and back middle seat belts can differ from each otherin cars. While we do our best to describe items so that you can pick the best fit for your car, we can’t guarantee that an Extender will fit any particular seat belt. When customers measure correctly, we have an over 95% success rate.

- If you have questionsor would like to learn about more Extender styles, just get in touch. We’re always here to help!

    Pick the Safe Option!

    Seat Belt Extender Pros itemsexceed international safety standards. This item is alsoE4 Safety Certifiedwith a label. Please review the safety notes that come with each Extender shipment.

    Each order comes with an Exchange/Return Card. Return shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer. Customersreturning items within 60 days of purchase can request an exchange or will be issued a 100% refundof the returned item's price.

    Fast, Free Shipping

    Not only do we offer the best quality items on the market at amazing prices, we also ship to you FAST & FREE. Need an exchange? We process it in 24 hrs and ship that for free also!

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