68 69 70 71 AMC American Ambassador AMX Rambler Rebel Javelin spoke hubcaps for Sale

Price: $140

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Three hubcaps poverty caps / wheel covers, for AMC 14 inch wheels. One has American Motors emblem in center cap, other two missing. One has excessive curb rash, one has a few bent spokes, all have some pitting and need more detailing. I did what I could to polish thru the spokes to show the condition of the center section without disassembling the hubcaps. They are bolted together in three pieces I believe so you could do complete detailing to make at least two pretty decent driver quality hubcaps out of the three. I got these with a 68 Javelin I bought a long time ago and am pretty certain that is the correct application as AMC was American Motors up to 68 and became Corporation in 69 or 70 if I'm not mistaken. Whether or not they're right for later years I don't know for sure. If ya have any questions feel free to ask

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