65-73 Mustang Roller Spring Perches Fairlane Falcon Comet Cougar Torino Maverick for Sale

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Opentracker Racing Roller Spring Perches

What is a roller spring perch? A roller spring perch has two sealed roller bearings instead of a rubber bushing for the spring perch to pivot on. They give a smoother ride with easier steering. They are very popular with the street crowd, road racers and drag racers. We have distributed several sets for track/street testing and all the response has been positive. A large part of the track testing was done at Laguna Seca Raceway. There are some roller perches on the road with well over 75K on them and still going strong. Our roller perches are also rebuildable. Just remove the clip and slide in a new set of bearings. Opentracker roller perches have also been featured in FordMuscle.com magazine. Top drivers in NHRA Super Stock and Stock Eliminator, F.A.S.T., NASA, SCCA, SVRA, HMSA, SAAC and American Iron Racing Series are using ORP roller products. Myself and others noticed immediate smoothing of the imperfections in the road surface such as dips, pavement seams, and patches. The open track/race car owners report that the cars will hold a line better at high speed, through the turns and under braking. The drag racers report that the cars will "hook-up" much better than before, the '60 ft times have improved, also that the cars are more stable at high speeds and under braking. If you have any questions, please email me before you offer. Overseas buyer are subject to local and international laws. Ask for a total before you offer outside the US. We can not guarantee cost or availability of overseas shipping.

ORP Roller Spring Perches fit: Ford 1964-1973 Mustang
1960-1970 Falcon
1966-1971 Fairlane
1968-1971 Torino
1970-1977 Maverick Mercury 1960-1974 Comet
1967-1973 Cougar
1968-1971 Montego sale Includes:
- One pair Opentracker Racing Products roller spring perches
- All required mounting hardware

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Control arm not included.
- Please contact us with any questions about our roller products designed to improve the handling of your vintage Ford. If you have any questions, please email me before you offer.

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