6 x 33mm For BMW M57 Swirl Blanks Flaps Repair Delete Kit With Gaskets 320D 330D for Sale

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6 x 33mm For BMW M57 Swirl Blanks Flaps Repair Delete Kit With Gaskets 320D 330D


    As for BMW's suffer a common issue with the swirl flaps in the inlet manifold. The screws holding the butterflies can come loose can cause severe damage to your engine. The easiest way to prevent this damage occurring to your engine is to replace these swirl flap bungs with these.The AW-5083 aluminum alloy is characterized by high fatigue strength, very good weldability and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for hardening and protective anoding. The AW-5083 aluminum alloy is used in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, welded constructions, in the construction of foam molds, and in the construction of general purpose equipment.

    nGreat aftermarket part, perfect match to your original car.

    nThere are 6pcs 33mm bungs with intake manifold gaskets kit.

    nMade of high quality aluminum material, durable in use.

    nThe O rings are supplied with the bungs.

    nSwirl flap substitute of the suction manifold (33 mm) with Viton O-rings

    nmaterial resistant to oil derivatives, as well as high and low temperatures

    nSwirl flap substitute made of the AW-5083 aluminum alloy is characterized by high strength and mechanical properties

    nProfessional quality of manufacturing

    nThe bungs are machined from high grade aluminium using state of the art CNC technology.

    nEasy to install. Directly swap with your existing swirl flaps, simply push in and screw in place.

    nThere will be no difference in performance from you vehicle, you may even notice an improvement if your swirl flaps have deteriorated.


    nMaterial: Plastic & Metal

    nColor: Silver + Red

    nDiameter: 33mm/1.3"

    nPackage Weight: approx. 270g

    nOEM: class="MsoNormal" style="text-align: center; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; background-color: white;">

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    There are two sizes of plugs available: Larger swirl flaps (33 mm) adequate for cars manufactured from 2004.Smaller swirl flaps (22 mm–available at other sale) adequate for cars manufactured to 2004.For BMW engine codes and models as following:

    n3 Series E90/E46 M47TUD20 M47TUD30

    n5 Series E39/E60/E61 M57TUD25 M57TUD30

    n7 Series E65 M57TUD30

    nX3 E83 M47TUD20 M57TUD30

    nX5 E53 M57

    nE46 320d 2001-2005, E83 X3 2.0d (up to end of 2006)

    nM47TU2D20 updated in 2004 to M47TU2D20

    nE60/E61 520d, E87 120d, E90/E91 320d, E83 X3 2.0d - end of 2006 onwards

    nPrevious M57 - 2000 onwards M57D25

    n2000-2003 E39 525d automatic transmission only.

    nM57N/M57TU - 2004 onwards M57TUD25

    nE60/E61 525d

    nM57/M57D29 - 1998 onwards M57D30

    nE39 530d automatic transmission only

    nE46 330d/330xd automatic transmission only

    nE38 730d automatic transmission only

    nE53 X5 3.0d, E38 730d, E39 530d

    nM57N/M57TU - 2002 onwards M57TUD30

    nE46 330d/330Cd/330xd

    nE83 X3 3.0d

    nE53 X5 3.0d

    nE60/E61 530d/530xd

    nE65 730d

    nE60/E61 535d

    nM57TU2D30 M57TU2D30 - 2007 onwards, facelifted E60 and E61

    nM57TU2D30-UL M57TU2D30-OL M57TU2D30-TOP

    nE90/E91/E92 325d

    nE60/E61 525d/525xd E65 730d

    nE90/E91 325d

    nE90/E91 330d/330xd


    nFor BMW E70

    nFor BMW E71

    nE60/E61 535d

    nE70 X5 3.0sd

    nE71 X6 xDrive35d

    nE83 X3 3.0sd

    nE90/E91 335d


    n6 x 33 mm Swirl Flap blanks

    n6 x O-Ring Vitons,(usually comes plus a free spare one)

    n1 x Manifold gasket between the AGR valve and the intake manifold

    n6 x Intake manifold gaskets upper against the cylinder head cover

    n6 x Intake manifold gaskets lower against the cylinder head

    nIf you need to change 4 x 22mm size ones, please leave a message

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