4 Perfect Factory Cadillac CTSV Wheels Michelin Tires CTS-V 2019 Genuine GM OEM for Sale

Price: $3999.00

Genuine FactoryCadillac CTSV 19" Wheels/Tires

This listing is for aset offour(4) original OEM/factoryGM/Cadillaccharcoal finish aluminum 19"wheels, fitted with factory Cadillac/Michelin tires and factory center caps.

DESCRIPTION: Cadillac utilized thislustrous 19" wheelstyle on the third generation of the vaunted CTS-V The colorway is a rich, lustrous charcoal metallic.

CONDITION: Genuine OEM/factory GM/Cadillac wheels are all guaranteed to be round, true and free of leaks. They had a few cosmetic marks, so we carefully re-powdercoated them just like Cadillac does and now they are all perfect and as-new with no marks nor deviations. Any deviation you feel that you may see in them in the images is a reflection or glare, as this set is now flawless.

TIRES: The original GM/Cadillac-issued Michelin Pilot SUPER SPORT summer radials, staggered in sizes 265/35ZR-19 and 295/30ZR-19. Front tires still retain 85% of their original tread whilst the rears are new with the stickers still on them.

FITMENTS:2016 through 2019 Cadillac CTS-V. Unsure about fitment on non-V CTS. Front offset is too low for second generation CTS-V.

CENTER CAPS: Included.

TIRE SENSORS: Not included.

LUGNUTS: Optional at $40 for a complete set (Note to Warehouse: "CTS lugnuts")

VALUE: Compare at nearly $9,000.00 at the Cadillac dealer's parts counter.

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