4 Pack of 14" Futura Wheel Covers # KT - 842 for Sale

Price: $40

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4 pack of Futura 14" Wheel Covers # KT - 842

The items pictured are the exact items you will receive. The rims areNEWbut have some very minor wear on them from being displayed on the shelf at auto store ( see picture #2 for example ). The price has been adjusted to account for this very minor issue.

Adjustable Retention

Rust Resistant

Some items may have removed store clearance stickers or price stickers on them. There may be some glue residue leftover on the packaging. I try to remove as much as I can. The packaging may have some cosmetic damage or wear that does not affect the product, such as dings, dents, rips, small tears, and surface damage. In some cases the original outer packaging may be missing entirely. If there is major damage it will be noted.

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