4 New Shock FULL Set OE Repl. Ltd Lifetime Warranty #40186 4WD Models Only for Sale

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This is a Full Set (4 pieces) ofStruts for 4WD Models Only

Make Model From To Description CADILLAC Escalade 1999 2000 ALL CHEVROLET Blazer 1992 1994 ALL 4WD (Incl: Z-71 Off Road Pkg)(Exc. S Series) CHEVROLET K1500 1988 1999 4 WD (Exc. Z-71 Off Road Package) CHEVROLET K2500 1988 2000 4 Wheel Drive CHEVROLET K3500 1988 2000 4 Wheel Drive CHEVROLET Tahoe 2000 2000 4 WD (Old Style) CHEVROLET Tahoe 1995 1999 4WD 2 Door GMC K1500 1988 1999 4 WD (Exc. Z-71 Off Road Package) GMC K2500 1987 2000 4 Wheel Drive GMC K3500 1987 2000 4 Wheel Drive GMC Yukon 1992 1999 4 WD 2 Door (Incl. Z-71 Off Road Package)

Brand NewStruts/Shocks from a Large Auto Parts Distributor in North America.

O.E. Quality, TS16949 certified

Product Feature

  • Made to OE quality standards and performance.
  • Gas-charged Twin Tube Shocks
  • High corrosion resistance and long service life. Steel rod is mirco-polished with double chrome plate. (0.02mm (-+0.005) chrome lay on the rod surface. All rod surface finished roughness less than 0.08μm.
  • Newer Valving technology operates in stages based on the velocity of the car.
  • Use Teflon bonded piston seal tokeep friction down and temperature cooler so that valving stays firmer.
  • All-around welding on the spring seat.
  • Piston seal is provided by an OE Supplier.
  • Backed up bylimited lifetimewarranty.


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Ultima Shocks and Struts come withlimited lifetimewarranty. We will replace any parts supplied by us that in our opinion are proven defective. We are not responsible for items when subjected to abuse (off-road, competitions), commercial use, improper installation, accident, or normal wear.

When to replace worn shocks or struts?

There are four main reasons that determine when to replace them: 1) To upgrade performance; 2) to restore the vehicle’s designed performance (usually after 50,000 miles); 3) when the vehicle has excessive ride control conditions (i.e. nose dive, body roll, etc.); or 4) when the vehicle has a failed unit (i.e. dripping hydraulic fluid, tire cupping, excessive bounce, etc.).

Testing has shown that original equipment gas-charged shocks and struts degrade measurably by 50,000 miles. For many popular-selling vehicles, replacing these worn shocks and struts can improve the vehicle's handling characteristics and comfort. Unlike a tire, which rotates a specific number of times per mile, a shock absorber or strut may compress and extend several times per mile on a smooth road, or several hundred times per mile on a very rough road. There are other factors that affect the life of a shock or strut, such as, regional weather conditions, amount and type of road contaminates, driving habits, loading of the vehicle, tire / wheel modifications, and the general mechanical condition of the suspension and tires.

Why to replace worn shocks or struts?

Performance degrades slowly over time. When shocks and strus aren't controllering tire and body movement very well due to wear, all ride control conditions are affected. Stopping ability will be reduced. The vehicle's stability, handling and control abilities all become reduced so the driver wll have to compensate or drive more slowly to maintain control. Tire performance is reduced and because of excessive movement, all other attached steering & suspension components are affected.

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