38mm Hubcentric 4x114.3 Wheel Spacers 66.1 for Nissan S13 S14 240sx 240z 280zx for Sale

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CNC Machined Hubcentric Wheel Spacers with Lip Highlights
Features a hubcentric design that makes the spacer act as a precise extension of the axle hub which guarantees a perfect fit.
Widens the track for improved handling and improved safety.
Completes the "flush" look by eliminating wheel & fender gap.
Gives more inner fender & suspension clearance for installing larger, oversized tires.
Increased brake caliper clearance, allowing you the flexibility to install big brake kits.
Includes pre-installed wheel studs and lug nuts necessary to complete the installation.
Designed & Engineered in California, our products ship from Los Angeles, arriving at your door in 1-4 working days.

Made from Aerospace Grade Aluminum
Manufactured using CNC lathes & mills to exacting, tight tolerances
Designed to be hubcentric, fitting snugly over your car's wheel hub to eliminate any possibility of vibrations. Quantity Two (2) Spacers (8 Lug Nuts Included) Thickness Per Spacer 1.5" (38mm) Centerbore 66.1mm Bolt Pattern 4x114.3 or 4x4.5" Material T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum Stud/Nut Thread Size 12x1.25 Stud Grade Metric Grade 10.9

Hubcentric vs. Universal Spacers vs Wheel Centric vs. Universal
Hubcentric spacers are designed to fit snugly over your vehicle's center hub, allowing your wheel/tire to center properly, preventing vibrations and premature wear of wheel/tire components. This also gives improved safety over universal spacers by reducing the chance of lug nut/bolts sheering off during events such as driving through a deep pothole or wheels making a hard impact against objects such as curbs and other road hazards.

Why should you choose hubcentric spacers
like the ones that we sell?

Non-hubcentric spacers (as pictured above) do not center around your vehicle's hub. This causes it to rotate unevenly during driving, which is one of the main causes for steering wheel vibrations

The spacers in this listing come with a Wheel-centric Lip (pictured below)

The Wheel-centric lip on the spacers in this listing are 66.1mm in diameter. This means that your OEM Wheels with a centerbore of 66.1mm will fit snugly on our spacer for that OEM fit!

Other Sizes Offered Bolt Pattern Thickness (each) Stud/Nut Thread Link 4x114.3 5mm n/a 331286904098 4x114.3 20mm (3/4") 12x1.25 331286922024 4x114.3 25mm (1.0") 12x1.25 281413035260 4x114.3 38mm (1.5") 12x1.25 380972455773 4x114.3 50mm (2.0") 12x1.25 331286906616

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  • Important Notes
  • Important Notes
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    We strive to ship your order as fast as possible so we utilize an automated processing system. Because of this, these messages are not displayed and will not be seen by any of our staff. If you have send us an message or give us a call Important Safety Advisory
    As with any component you purchase for your vehicle, installation should be done by a qualified technician. We've provided the following information as a general reference for purchasing and installing these spacers/adapters. The following list isn't all-inclusive and may be different depending on the vehicle you drive, type of wheels you have, and ideal setup you're trying to achieve. Failure to install properly may cause your lug nuts/wheel studs/spacers to loosen or break while driving. If you are not confident or familiar with the installation, please ask a trained professional for help. Before Purchasing
    - Measure your wheel gap for clearance. You will need at least 1.5" (38mm) of clearance to prevent the wheel/tire from hitting the fender or fenderliner.
    - The vehicle’s wheel studs need to be measured. If the studs are longer than 1.5" (38mm), it will extend past the spacer's surface. It may not be possible to bolt the wheel safely onto the spacer, depending on whether your wheels have pockets/cavities around the mounting pad.
    - If your vehicle does not have 12x1.25 threaded wheel studs, you would need to purchase the correct threaded lug nuts for proper installation.

    Before Installation
    Check compatibility of spacer-to-hub, spacer-to-wheel, and lug nuts (thread pitch & seat type) During Installation
    - Installation should be performed by a trained professional using proper tools.
    - Avoid using an impact wrench or any pneumatic tools; improper usage may cause damage to components.
    - Ensure proper thread engagement. Typically, its a minimum of 5-8 turns before the lug nut tightens, however, it varies depending on thread pitch and type of vehicle.
    - ALL Lug Nuts (on the spacers and the wheels) MUST be torqued to manufacture specifications. After Installation
    - Test drive your vehicle to ensure the hardware is installed properly. Pay close attention for any noises, vibrations, or compatibility issues (such as fender rubbing).
    - Inspect and re-torque ALL lug nuts after 25-50 miles of driving. This requires you to take off the wheels to tighten the lug nuts holding the spacers to your vehicle.
    Note: No returns or exchanges once product has been installed on the vehicle.
  • Fitment Information
  • Fitment Information 1991-1996 - Infiniti - G20
    1990-1992 - Infiniti - M30

    1984-1988 - Nissan - 200sx
    1988-1994 - Nissan - 240sx
    1995-1998 - Nissan - 240SX (Base Model Only)
    1970-1973 - Nissan - 240z (fits only rear hub)
    1974-1975 - Nissan - 260z (fits only rear hub)
    1975-1978 - Nissan - 280z (fits only rear hub)
    1979-1983 - Nissan - 280zx (fits rear hub only)
    1984-1986 - Nissan - 300zx
    1993-2001 - Nissan - Altima
    1990-1995 - Nissan - Axxess
    2009-2011 - Nissan - Cube
    1985-1988 - Nissan - Maxima
    1996-2002 - Nissan - Primera
    2000-2010 - Nissan - Sentra
    1982-1986 - Nissan - Sentra Don't see your vehicle above? Message us with the year, make, & model of your vehicle and we will help!
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  • Legal Disclaimer
  • Legal Disclaimer Warning: Professional installation is highly recommended. Misapplication and/or improper installation of wheel spacer/adapter combinations may cause lug nuts/bolts to break or loosen while driving, potentially causing accident and/or injury. Use on any vehicle or wheel sizes or types not recommended or specified is at the users sole risk. Ensure your wheel studs and the nuts securing the spacer to the vehicle does not make contact with the back of the wheel. Do not use impact wrenches/tools. Torque lug nuts / bolts to manufacturer specifications using a torque wrench. Users must check and retorque all lug nuts / bolts after 25-50 miles of driving. No returns or exchange once installed. More Items! View more great items! Frooition | No-js Template | design, store design, shop design, template design, listing design (ver:froo_no_js) This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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