302 / 306 Ford Short block, race prepped, makes 440+hp for Sale

Price: $1,399

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This sale when done with a buy it now will get you free labor on a cam and timing set installation and we will degree your cam in for free as well. You can send us your cam or we can pick a cam up for you and timing set at cost and then just add it to the bill. If you have cylinder heads to buy or want to send them to us we will also check VP and push rod length to unsure the correct valve train geometry. Please feel free to ask any questions before offerding. Thanks

This sale is for a completely redone and race prepped 302 ford roller short blocks. We have had so many people wanting a short block version of our 440hp long block that we decided to start selling them direct to the public. The machine work on the block includes; a complete cleaning and surface inspection of our blocks which starts by: being burnt and blasted in our cleaning system, then they all get squared up by our BHJ fixtures which gives you a truly squared up deck surface after we mill them (a plus for holding a head gasket tight under high stress applications) and then they move on down the line to having their lifter bores gauged and honed with our Sunnen lifter bore honing tools (so that you won’t have to worry about lifters galling or a tight lifter that doesn’t fit right during your build and cause you great frustration) Then off to being line honed in our Sunnen line hone machine. From there they go into our CV-616 hone machine where of course all of them get a set of honing plates put on them. (We have also seen a gain on the engine Dyno of at least 30-40hp, just from being honed with the honing plates vs. a 302 ford block .030 over with just a plain Jane hone job.) This short block comes assembled with a set of coated seal power .030 over Hypereutectic Pistons which with 60cc heads will get you 9:1 compression and if you wanted to add Boost or NOS then this is truly your short block. We also have included a set of ARP main bolts at no extra charge. The piston rings are moly and the rod and main bearings are Clev 77 along with brass freeze plugs and a set of Dura bond cam bearings which are installed in the block. (they are checked for proper fit and alignment before they leave so you don’t need to worry about your cam not fitting upon arrival.) The crank is a .010/.010 fresh ground and magnafluxed stock 302 50oz shaft and we offer a new 50 or 28oz crank for $100 more if needed in a 5140 steel version. The rods are a factory 5.0 style rod which has gone thru magnafluxing as well as being checked out for proper size and fit. We do also offer new SIR style rods as a $100 dollars more if needed as well or we can do ARP rod bolts for $49.00 more. Now we offer this short block in your choice of colors which are wide ranging (just let us know when you buy it) and we also offer a photo album build up of digital pictures of your engine, so you can feel like you’re in the room as we machine it and build it to fit your needs. (It’s also nice for the guy’s or girls like us who have pictures of our rides which started as a pile of nuts and bolts and ended up finished and at the local cruise night or out on the race tracks.) We have been around for over 45 years now and we are here to answer all your questions and we also offer free to all of our customers, full phone support which can help you on completing your build. (1-401-710-9405) or emails (crebengineering@aol.com or thru ) So there is no second guessing yourself when completing your buildup and the peace of mind you get when you get to have all your questions answered by the people that build them every day for a living. We offer shipping worldwide but at an additional price as shipping styles can vary from country to country. Also when shipping to the lower 50 US states and going to a place of business or to a local trucking terminal near you, there is a flat shipping fee of $200.00, and if you have any doubt on shipping charges please email before buying or if you need an international quote please do the same. Good luck and happy offerding!!! (There is no balancer or fly wheel with this short block but we can offer them for an additional cost, all assemblies are balanced with a factory ford fly wheel and balancer in a 28oz or 50oz version.) Thanks

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