3000GT Long Tube Headers Exhaust Manifolds Stealth THE 3SX ORIGINALS for Sale

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USED 3SX NA Long Tube Headers - "The Originals"
for DOHC Non-Turbo 3000GT and Stealth
* * * USED PART * * *

This is a used set of the 3SX non-turbo long tube headers - the originals from our first production company which made them right here in the USA until they went out of business several years ago. In fact this particular set is the ORIGINAL prototypes that were fitted on Eric's NA Stealth and run since their original development until this year when he made the engine swap and installed the new 3SX Long Tube Headers from Kooks.

These headers have approximately 25-30k miles on them. They are a mild steel, but the sheer temperatures the headers run ultimately prevents much rust from forming on them.

The braids of the flex section have some wear on them from the undercarriage, but the actual internal flexible pipe itself is still sealed. The flex section has not had much "abuse" as Eric's car has had solid 3SX mounts since about 2000, long before these headers went on.

New manifold gaskets are included, as well as a new ring for between the front and rear sections.

The rear O2 bung may be stripped as the O2 sensor threads were chewed when it was removed. A replacement bung plug is included and there is a second bung welded on where a wideband was previously temporarily installed for tuning.

NOTE: This is the ORIGINAL production set of the 3SX NA Long Tube Headers - we have sold hundreds of sets of headers. THIS set was run on a car with a MANUAL transmission. We did modify our production specs for the second and subsequent productions to accommodate clearance on the half-shaft hanger bracket for cars with the automatic transmission. THUS, you MAY have slight interference with the rear down tubes and the halfshaft hanger bracket on an AUTO car. There was no interference on the manual trans car these came off of.

FED vs CALI Spec: The headers are set up for direct use on the FED-spec cars (91-93, some 94-95) as the O2 bung is located at the back where the FED-spec single-sensor cars have the O2 Sensor. For installation on a CALI-spec car, you will need to have bungs welded onto the pipes and probably extend the wiring for the sensors to reach further down the exhaust depending on where you choose to install them. Obviously, the header kit installed on a CALI-spec car will eliminate the two pre-cats as well, so it could possibly trigger the check engine light. The Dual O2 Simulator or O2 Sensor Spacers should remedy that situation.
NOTE: This modification may not pass local emissions or inspection laws - check your local ordinances.

NOTE: This is a LONG tube header kit - it replaces the manifolds AND downpipe, going between the heads and cat/racepipe.

NOTE: These will ONLY fit the DOHC Non-Turbo 3000GT and Stealth:
1991-1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT Base
1991-1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL
1995-1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT Spyder SL
1991-1993 Dodge Stealth ES
1991-1996 Dodge Stealth RT

NOTE: Used parts are SOLD AS IS and carry no warranty and are non-returnable. By purchasing this used part, you agree to these terms.

NOTE: Used parts are SOLD AS IS and carry no warranty and are non-returnable. By purchasing this used part, you agree to these terms.

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