3" Stainless Pipe With 2 bolt Stainless Flange Downpipe Exhaust w/ o2 bung for Sale

Price: $39.99

We used to make these for the customers who bought our 3" 3800 downpipes that bolted up to a stock exhaust system where that downpipe necked down to a 2.5" flange, so when those customers decided to get our 3" catback exhaust system they would need to convert that downpipe to a 3" exit. This was the solution to do so. This can be used for other applications as well, but it is 3" piping and expanded on the end without a flange so 3" OD piping would slide into it. That way it can be clamped down with a torctite style lap joint clamp. This is all stainless 304 with a high quality 304 stainless waterjet flange with stainless hanger. Also has an o2 sensor bung in it. These are being highly discounted as we no longer sell them and found some we prepaid. The flange alone is a $30 value by itself. This was used on our downpipes for Pontiac Grand Prix's, chevy impala and monte carlo's and buick regals 3.8L engines.

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