2x Wheel Adapters 5x114.3 to 5x100 | 15mm 0.59" | Millenia MPV MX6 Protege RX7 for Sale

Price: $59.95

  • Spacer Width: 15mm (0.59 Inch) Each Side
  • Quantity: 2 Pieces
  • Bolt Pattern: Convert 5X114.3 bolt pattern (hub)to 5X100 (wheel)
  • Center Bore: 73mm
  • Thread Pitch: 12mm X 1.5
  • Anodized Silver
  • Spacer Type: Bolt pattern conversion adapter (Lug Centric)
  • This spacer set includes open end lug nuts to secure the spacers onto your factory hubs
    Your Factory wheel studs may extend past the surface of the wheel spacers. In this case you will need to:
  • 1) Shorten the factory studs
  • 2) The wheels need to have the open slots (cavities) between mounting holes.
  • 3) Purchase aset of shorter studs and replace themwith the factory studs.
We recommend customers start threading the hardware on by hand so as to not cross thread or strip the threads. Once secured hand tight, use the torque wrench set to the proper torque as indicated from a lug nut torque chart below. Tighten the wheel bolts/lug nuts one after the other in a criss-cross pattern. Under- or over-tightening wheel-attaching hardware can be damaging and dangerous. When the lug nuts are over-torqued, this could cause stress fractures and increasing the risks of the lugs breaking under normal conditions.

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