26FT Car Wheel Hub Rim Trim Edge Protector Ring Tire Strip Guard Sticker Line for Sale

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Product Features:
Color: Black
Dimension: 315 (26 FT) x 0.4 inches
Material: High quality Weatherproof PVC
Fit for wheel size 13-22 inches
For wheel size 13-17 inches,you can stick 5 wheels.
For wheel size 18-22 inches,you can stick 4 wheels.Package Include:
1 x 8M/26 FT Car Wheel Rim Strip location determine the exact location of the trims and calibrated position, before remove the tape protective film on the products.
2.Clean the surface of Installation areas to ensure that it's clean and no oil, grease and wax and so on.
3.Paste products remove protective film on the products, place the product on the exact position accurately and carefully, press firmly to ensure good adhesion.
4.Suggestions:Using lighter or hot hair dryer to slightly heat the adhesive tape on the products to Increase the stickiness. (All adhesive tapes affected by weather's temperature)

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