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    BRAND/MODEL: Velgen VMB5V2
    FINISH: Satin BlackWHEEL SIZE:Front 20x10.5 Rear 20x10.5BOLT PATTERNS: 5x127OFFSET: Front +35 Rear +35HUB BORE:71.5CONDITION / QUANTITY:(All 4 wheels/Brand New)MANUFACTURE WARRANTY(YES)FITMENT GUARANTEE(YES)FITMENT NOTE: Call for fitment confirmation and availability.

    Please send your vehicle Info for fitment confirmation.
    Please Note:Pictures are forreference only. Diameterand concave/lip size may vary depending on wheel size purchased and vehicles fitment. Ask for details.These wheels may fit many models/years that may not in the fitment compatibility chart so just ask and we'd be happy to confirm fitment.
    The fitment compatibilitychart above is based on the information we have available to us and is based on bolt pattern and offset only. There are many factors that come into play on some vehicles that can affect fitment such as large factory brakes, aftermarket equipment, etc. For these reasons it's best to contact us for fitment confirmation to be sure these wheels will fit your vehicle properly and if any other fitment install parts or modifications are needed.


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    Question: Do you sale other Brands not listed.

    Answer: Yes. We sale many other brands and you can look us up to veiw all our products.

    Question: Are you an Authorized dealer and a professional company?Answer: Yes. We are an Authorized dealer for all the wheels we sale and you can verify this with the manufacture. We are a professional company and you can look up KIXX Motorsports to verify.Question: Do you accept returns? Answer: Yes, we do accept returns.IMPORTANT: Test Fit wheels without tires. If tires have been mounted NO RETURNS for any reason. This is a standard policy that all dealers have and that all wheel mechanics should know. Custom, Drilled, Machined, Tailored orders do have some stipulations such as if Kixx Motorsports made a mistake on fitment we will exchange/fix/correct the issue Free of charge to the customer with no returns accepted and anly if tires have not been mounted.Question: Are all items New?Answer: Yes, All items are NEW unless clearly stated in listing.Question: Are all items in available?Answer: GENERALLY YES. It is always best to give us a CALL to confirm availability before purchase and on the rare occasion that a wheel takes awhile to come in. We do give big discounts for any inconvenience for pre-orders placed.Question: What do I do if the wheel shop has a problem mounting my new wheels?Answer: Just contact us during normal business hours, days and we'd be happy to help. About 99% of any issues that a wheel mechanic may have or says that they will not fit is generally an inexperienced mechanic. We would be happy to help with any issues for any fitment help needed even if we need to talk with the wheel mechanic. Sending pictures showing issue would be a great help in assessing any issue. Of course if it was a mistake on our part we will correct/exchange/fix the issue FREE of charge. As long as your wheel mechanic has followed new wheel test fit procedures and not mounted tires on wheels. ALL Wheels are to be test fitted and verified for fitment before mounting tires on wheels. We can not be liable for bad mechanics mistakes. This is a standard policy that all dealers have.


    MANUFACTURE WARRANTY: KIXX Motorsports wants you to feel as secure as possible with your purchase. All New Items KIXX Motorsports sales come with a MANUFACTURE WARRANTY except discontinued/closeout items. You can view the manufacture warranty by looking up the manufacture to view warranty information before purchase. Other than applicable manufacture warranties, there are no other warranties expressed or implied including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.FITMENT GUARANTEE: We don't think our customers should pay for anything that wasn't there fault do to an mistake on Kixx Motorsports part. If we made a mistake on fitment we will pay all return/exchange shipping or fix depending on the issue. This only applies as long as you have supplied KIXX Motorsports the correct vehicle info including Year/Make/Model and any Brake or Suspension modifications by email. If we received inaccurate or incomplete vehicle information than this fitment guarantee is void and all applicable return policies/fees applies (Except Custom Machined/Drilled tailored, machined items "No Returns". Please send your vehicle information so we can ship you the correct wheels . Kixx Motorsports only guarantees items we sale. This fitment guarantee is valid only if Kixx Motorsports chooses the wheel specs for vehicle. If customer wants a different wheel size/specs different than we recommend than this fitment guarantee is void. Fitment guarantee is that we guarantee the wheels bolt on correctly and may or may not require additional mounting items and modifications (Not Included) "Please Ask if needed".. If Customer does not ask if any extra mounting items or if any necessary modifications are required before purchase then fitment guarantee is void. If tires are too high or wide and you have rubbing issues this would be a mistake on the tire shop or customer's end. Some vehicle/wheel fitments may or may not require other install parts/modifications such as Lug Nuts, Lug Bolts, stretched tires, Fender Rolling, Lowering, Camber adjustment, Spacers, level kits, Lift kits, etc. Just contact us and we'd be happy to help. Any additional items/accessories unless listed in listing are not included. If you need any of these items just ask or if your not sure just let us know and we'd be happy to help.
    -There is No Fitment Guarantee on Truck Wheels. Customer will need to do thier own research before purchase as some truck wheels fitments require different lift hight lift kit modifactions.


    PLEASE CALLus before purchaseso we can verify your vehicles information for proper fitment and any other details regarding your order. This is EXTREMELY Important for proper fitment. The fitment compatibility feature is limited and not allways 100% accurate. The compatibility feature is based on information we have available to us and is limited to bolt pattern and offset only and some fitments may or may not require additional install parts/modifactions for proper fitment. There are many factors that come into play on some vehicles that can affect fitment such as large factory brakes, aftermarket equipment, etc. We never suggest going smaller than a factory diameter on wheels. If you have questions about how this wheel will fit on your vehicle then please don't hesitate to contact us. limits the number of vehicles we can put in each fitment chart, so there may also be a number of vehicles not on this list that this wheel will fit. If you feel these wheels may fit your car and you don't find it in the chart then please contact us and we can confirm fitment.

    Wheel fitment can be a complicated matter. If you do not contact us, we cannot guarantee fitment and any fitment guarantee would be voided. We will NOT Ship any order until customer sends us complete vehicle information so we can confirm fitment. With that being said, any information provided is accurate based on the information we have available. There are certain things such as aftermarket equipment, large factory brake systems and other things we cannot foresee that might affect fitment on your vehicle. Please be aware that when putting aftermarket equipment on your car there is a chance that you will need to modify it to ensure proper fitment. Things such as spacers, fender rolling and minor wheel well cutting are very common when installing rims. This is especially important for any European made car and "sport packages" as well. If you have any questions regarding this please email or give us a ring us to see what our experienced technicians recommend. For more details (See Returns)EXTREAMILY IMPORTANT:1)After receiving your new wheels PLEASE go through all the boxes to verify that there's no shipping damage or scratches and any other accessories if any purchased are included. If there are any issues DO NOT Mount wheels with tires or on vehicle and leave in box and contact KIXX Motorsports for follow up within 48 hours of delivered items or sale will be final because shipping companies have deadlines to file shipping claims. If you mount the wheels YOU OWN THEM.2)TEST FIT wheels before mounting tires on wheels.If tires have been mounted then wheels are NOT RETURNABLE for any reason because they can not be resold as new. Review full return policy before purchase as these are just a few highlights. For complete details.

    3) PROTECTION TIP: It's a good idea to take some pictures of the wheels before having them mounted with tires encase you get a rough/bad mechanic that scratches your wheels so they can't say they came that way.
    PLEASE NOTE: Have a qualified mechanic Test Fit wheels and verify proper fitment before mounting tires on wheels. If tires have been mounted on wheels or on vehicle there are NO RETURNS for any reason even if there the wrong wheels because they can't resold as new. Be sure you use a Verified qualified wheel mechanic that understands new wheel test fit procedures which includes verifying fitment before mounting tires on wheels or torque wrenching the wheels on vehicle. If you don't understand any of these term and conditions in this listing PLEASE Contact us for explanation before purchase.

    4)Some vehicles may require additional items such as Hub Ring, Lugs, Spacers (Not Included) and or modifications for proper fitment. If your unsure PLEASE contact us and we'd be happy to READ ALL TERMS AND REFUND POLICY before purchase:
    1)TEST FIT all wheels before mounting tires on wheels. If Tires have been mounted on wheels there are "no returns for any reason" even if they are the wrong wheels because this would leave permanent marks on the inside of the wheel and can't be resold as new. Items must be returned in original, brand new original condition with all original packaging and packaging materials. Customer will need to contact Kixx Motorsports for a "RMA" Return Authoriztion Form" to include in return box or any return would be refused.

    2) If Kixx Motorsports made an error on fitment we will exchange/fix the issue Free of charge to customer. Review all the listing information for complete deatails.
    3)Unless specified differently in listing, Buyer is responsible for all return shipping charges and any original Free shipping that Kixx Motorsports incurred will be deducted from any qualified return refund. We suggest customer ship wheels with Insurance because Kixx Motorsports is not liable for lost or ship damage on returns. Some returns will need to be shipped back to the manufacture and not Kixx Motorsports.4) Buyer will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.5) Buyer will need to contact Kixx Motorsports for a Return Authorization Return# before shipping any return or the shipment will be refused and returned to buyer at buyeres expence because we will not know which customers order it came from or how to process the returned issue. When calling please have your original invoice or order# with you so we can look up the order in our system.
    This is only offered on wheel listings that has (fitment guarantee) written in the wheel listing description you purchased.
    FITMENT GUARANTEE is not a WARRANTY. A fitment guarantee is that we guarantee the wheels will fit your vehicle and some fitments may require other installation parts to fit correctly and may or may not be required such as lugs, spacers, hub rings, fender rolling, lowering with camber adjustment "Not Included unless written in description as such". Since we do not sale tires we do not guarantee tire fitment and if tires are too high or wide and you have rubbing issues this would be a mistake on the tire shop end. Any Warranty is limited to the manufacture warranty only and Customer is to look up the manufacture website to view/print any warranty offered before purchase. Kixx Motorsports offers no warranty.
    If KIXX Motorsports makes a mistake on the order we will cover all exchange/fix cost. Once again, if you mount the wheels with tires you cannot return them regardless of what the problem may be even if you receive the wrong wheels. We will promise you that we will do everything in our power to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. The customer will not incur extra costs as long as we receive the product back in the same condition it was sent out. If this situation should come up, we will cover all shipping costs by sending you a prepaid shipping label.
    If a replacement or refund is offered we would need to receive the wrong item back and be inspected before the replacement would be shipped out or any refund issued. If we find the wheels where mounted or missing any original packaging material then there would be no return/exchange/refund offered.
    If wheels are custom made to order/machined/drilled specifically for customers vehicle and any listing that has any of the following terms that reads anywhere in the listing that the wheel or wheels will be custom, machined, drilled, made to order or custom tailored are not returnable for refund. We will however replace/exchange/fix any fitment issue if KIXX Motorsports made the mistake on with no refunds only as these wheels were custom made/modified to the vehicle. If mistake was on customers end my sending us the wrong or incomplete vehicle information such as and vehicles modifications or wheel specs supplied by customer then sale is final with no return/exchange or refund accepted.

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