2019 2020 Ford Ranger Ignition Trim Ring Bezel for Sale

Price: $10

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This listing is for Qty 1 2019/2020 Ford Ranger Ignition Bezel/Trim ring.
For some unknown reason, Ford neglects to install this trim ring on 2019/2020 Ranger models in basic trim levels. Such was the case with my recently purchased Ranger XLT. The exposed ignition tumbler looks incomplete and unsupported.
I took it upon myself to design and 3d print my own solution. This new part not only imparts an attractive appearance, but it also provides good support for the lock assembly.
This part is 3D printed in Black ASA polymer. ASA, or acrylonitrile styrene acrylate, is a thermoplastic that combines mechanical strength, UV resistance, and water resistance.
A GLOW IN THE DARK ABS version is also available. Please see my other sales.
The part has the requisite 3 dimples in order to easily snap into (and out of) the interlocks on the column opening.
It features a lightly sanded satin finish that can be used as is or may easily be painted by you the customer. The majority of customers have been very happy with the finish as is and it matches nicely to the existing interior. If wish to paint it, just about any plastic adhering paint will do. I was going to offer these painted but I am trying to keep cost low and I figured others might want to paint them as they wish.
I will ship this parcel post to USA only. USP charges about $4 for shipping this and that is built into the price.I only accept payment via Paypal.
I am a long standing member with highly positive response. I am here to resolve any issues and will offer a full refund if you have any problems.

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