2004 04 Fiat Stilo OBD Performance Flash Chip for Sale

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NEW Volo VP12
OBD-II Performance Chip
Fiat Stilo 2004*
*Programmed for all factory engine options produced for this model in 2004.

The fastest, easiest, most cost effective way to upgrade to a highly efficient & power tuned performance ECU.

Compatible with factory equipped Turbo/Supercharger and Diesel Engines
  • Digitally tune your ECU using your vehicle's OBD2 port.

  • Installs in minutes without opening the hood, no skill required

  • Compare to Jet Chip DST ($199) or Venom 400 ($349)

  • Will not void your warranty

  • Emissions Friendly

  • Completely reversible, makes no permanent changes

  • Dyno tested and track proven

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Lifetime Warranty

Free Firmware Updates and Vehicle Reconfigurations for LIFE!*
*ROM replacements available from our website. Standard shipping fees apply.

Specifications: Hardware VP12.1 Firmware Rev. 5.2 Tuning Mild/Aggressive Recommended
Fuel 91+ Interface CAN, PWM, VPW, ISO Processor 20MHz CMOS MCU Power 5-12VDC Temperature
Range -40�C to 85�C Size (MM) 80x40x15 Application: Vehicle Fiat Stilo Year 2004 Engine(s) ALL Installation Video - HD 5:22

How it Works:
The VP12 uses an exclusive process of Dynamic Soft-Flashing not available anywhere else. Each VP12 comes programmed with a set of EPROM addresses that directly affect efficiency and performance. When the ECU attempts to read one of these addresses, the VP12 patches the factory value with one from its on-board performance tuned map. What's Inside:
The VP12 is our most powerful Dynamic Soft-Flasher. Operating at 20MHz with plenty of Flash Memory, the VP12's 8-Bit CMOS microprocessor offers extended compatibility along with faster patching for safer, higher, and more consistent gains.

BEWARE other "Performance Chips" that connect to the IAT...

How IAT "chips" damage your vehicle:
The majority of so-called "Performance Chips" on are simple 1� resistors, often presented in a fancy box, sometimes with a switch or knob hanging off one side. They ALWAYS connect to the IAT and disable its functionality, and WILL damage your engine. The fact that these chips claim gains of 50, 80, even up to 100HP (better than most forced induction conversions) for a mere $20 or so is simply absurd. We at Volo wanted to take the chance to explain why these are bad for your vehicle... While you may notice your car drives differently without a functioning IAT, it is certainly NOT running better. The IAT is an important sensor in your vehicle's fuel injection system. The ECU depends on it to measure the temperature of air coming into the engine. Cold air requires more fuel for a richer mixture due to the density, and because fuel does not vaporize well in cold air. The IAT "chip" is simply a resistor with a value equal to that of the IAT's output on a cold day. This fools the ECU into delivering excess fuel during normal driving. Now there is not enough air for an ideal 14.7:1 stoichometric air/fuel ratio. The engine runs rich, fuel goes unburned, and is passed through the exhaust. Not only does this drastically decrease gas mileage (contrary to claims of improved economy), it also causes the catalytic converter to operate less efficiently resulting in excess CO2 and an emissions fail. When driven for extended periods, permanent damage to the O2 sensor ($150) and catalytic converter ($400+) will occur. On newer vehicles, disabling the IAT with a resistor will trigger a Check Engine light as well as void most warranties. The IAT is there for a reason!Please use your best judgment when purchasing accessories for your vehicle. If you are considering purchasing a chip that you are unsure of, please contact us and we'd be happy to look it over.

Will the VP12 void my warranty?
Unlike ECU ROM chip replacements or permanent ECU flashing, the VP12 makes no changes to the ROM itself and does not require opening the ECU. It will not void your factory warranty. Will it be compatible with my current modifications?
Modifications that do not alter factory compression ratio or stroke are 100% compatible with the VP12. Many upgrades such as aftermarket intake and exhaust will compliment the VP12's performance. The device will automatically compensate for your modifications during its initial calibration. What if I plan to add modifications later?
Anytime you add a modification that affects engine performance, you must reset the device and allow to recalibrate. During calibration the Volo Chip will extrapolate new target value sets based on your vehicle's current performance characteristics, fine tuning engine output. How will the VP12 affect fuel efficiency?
Fuel efficiency will remain unchanged and in most instances improve slightly under normal driving conditions. For significant economy improvements, check out the FS1, FS2, or FS3 on our website. Why is it so much cheaper than other ECU mods?
The VP12 was purpose built and is not capable of more advanced features like altering rev limit or disabling the top speed governor. These options cannot be soft-flashed through the OBD-II port.

How much power can I expect to gain?
Gains vary depending on many factors. We've created a simple tool to help estimate the gains you can expect in your Fiat Stilo. If you are having trouble viewing the Gain Calculator below, please visit our website.

Dyno Results
2007 Miata
2004 Infiniti G35
2006 Mazdaspeed6

Lifetime Warranty

Installation time : 10-20 minutesTools required : Screwdriver, PliersThe VP12 does NOT include an OBD-II connector, but connects directly to the OBD-II port's data input/output via four tap-in connectors. OBD-II scantools will not interfere with operation.You must press the RESET button and allow the engine to idle 1-3 minutes to calibrate the device after first installation or after modifications. Frequent installation and removal of the device is not recommended.
View full installation instructions here...

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This product comes with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee!Please contact us before leaving NEUTRAL or NEGATIVE response. Doing so will not expedite refunds or communication, and solves nothing.A successful transaction and your complete satisfaction is our #1 goal!In the rare event you don't notice a difference immediately, please reset the chip as indicated in the instructions and try again. Depending on the vehicle, it may take up to 120 miles of driving before some ECUs will accept the VP12's patched values. This safety feature prevents an ECU hiccup from impairing the entire system.
If you've tried everything and still don't notice a difference, return the chip and we'll be glad to provide a full refund of the purchase price.



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