2002 Trans Am 17x9 WS6 CETA Wheels, Collectors Edition, Rims, Trans AM, TA - OEM for Sale

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Don't make the mistake of buying wheels that are not done yet with a promise of great results. Any quality refinisher will tell you that you won't know what the wheel will look like till it is done! There is no magic to doing this highly labor intensive work. Ask to see close-up photos of each wheel you are purchasing.
We go the extra mile to show you EXACTLY what you are buying!Don't make a hasty mistake trying to save money only to find
out that you ended up with poor quality wheels in the end!

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Normally $94.00If you would like a different color such as Gold or theFactory Gray, or a custom color, just email us
and we will do a set in the color you request. Please do not just purchase these and then ask for a different color. Thx!

Another High Quality set of refinished
17x9WS6 rims for your CETA Pontiac Trans AM!!!
Correct on '2002 Collectors Edition, but will work on any
4th Gen Trans AM, Firebird's, or Formula!

Compatible with all 4th Generation Trans Am's
and Firebird's 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997,
1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and2002.

This is the place to buy when you want Factory Original
Refinished Wheels for your Pontiac!

There is nothing you can do that will have such a quick
and positive impact on your cars appearance!!!

Be sure to check the response. You will quickly see why
This is the place to buy your rims!!!

Newly refinished 17"x9"WS6 rims. You will not find a nicer set anywhere. There is nothing wrong with reproduction wheels, but when you want the real thing, this is the place to get them. We have sold wheels all over the US and they are on some of the finest cars in the country. We have also sold rims to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South America. Simply put, no one has refinishesmore TA rims or does a more professional job than the rims you are looking at right here. These are the rims to buy. You cannot do anything else for so little $$$$ to improve the appearance of your car so quickly than a new set of wheels. We do everything we can to keep our costs as low as possible, but the reality is there are no short cuts in refinishing rims. This level of quality is very labor intensive and the cost of the core rims is constantly rising.

These are a very difficult wheel to refinish. Also very hard to find. They have been checked for trueness and runout. These wheels are round! Be sure and look at the photos and make sure this is the wheel you want. All our wheels are sold AS IS and are not returnable. Just look at our response and you will see that people are very happy with our work. If I was to get really picky, a couple spokes have a littlebit of Orange Peel on them, but other than that, they look awesome. No one would see that from any normal viewing distance. These wheels retail for over $1,000.00 each from GM and have been out of Stock for years. That means that if you could find a set, it would cost you nearly $4,500.00 dollars. This set is priced very fairly at well under half of that.

The process involves several steps including complete stripping of the wheels, refinishing and machining work. Final finish is a durable Clear Powder Coat that will maintain a show quality appearance for years. The oldest wheels I have out on a show car are about 17 years old and still look perfect today. The color has taken a great deal of time to perfect. Many of the refinished wheels are done in incorect colors. These wheels are refinished in a Black with just the right amount of Gloss. The factory wheels are not super glossy and neither are these.All work is performed in a State of the Art Rim Refinishing Center. No backyard garage jobs here. Every wheel is checked for trueness. Refinishing rims is what we do and 100's a week are processed through our modern facility. So offer with confidence.

Take a look at my response!!
This is what reallytells the story.
Don't invest your money on the wrong rims. Make the right choice the first time!!

A couple words on polished wheels -vs- machined and Powder-Coated wheels. The pros and cons are this. GM did not polish the wheels in their original condition. They were machined with a thin clear lacquer sprayed on them. So the Machined and Powder-Coated finish is the closest you will find to the original. Superior in resistance to the elements. And remember, Polished wheels require constant maintenance. Have you ever tried to maintain a polished snowflake rim? It will literally drive you crazy. So, I don't recommend them. Ultimately it is up to you, but this is one of the most common questions I get, so I thought I would just answer it here. Polished wheels are apain to take care of and they don't look correct anyway. These wheels on sale require a minimum of care and will last indefinitely if not abused.

A short note on Restoring Vintage Rims. All of this work is done ata full time Alloy Wheel repair and restoration facility that employs a dozen people full time turning out 100's of rims a week for dealers all over the country. So the work done here is State of the Art as it exists today. However pleasekeep in mind what we are doing. These rims are in most cases 25 year old alloy rims. They arrive in all manner of conditions. We do everything possible to make them look the very best they can. In our opinion and in the opinion of all the positive response you see posted on this account, we are doing some of the very best work in the country on our rims. The overall look of the rim is superior to what they were back in the 70's. One buyer put it this way "The wheels look awesome! Everyone wants to know where I got them done. The only bad thing is that the wheels look so good, people don't always notice all the hard work I put into the rest of the car!" I think that sums it up nicely. Havingsaid that, you can't expect these to be the same as a New set of Boyd's, Ultra'sor American Racing Rims polished to a mirror. The casting back in the '70's were justnot what they are today. So please have a realistic expectation of the work we or any of the wheel refinisher's do. They are really awesome rims. They will be one of the main attractions of your car once you mount them up, but they are not new. Good luck offerding and let's keep those Muscle cars rolling on great looking vintage rims.

Wecan do custom colors too! Quick turn-around on refinishing your own set of wheels if you prefer.

Please contact us if you have questions.

See examples of our refinished wheels in the Slide Show below!
Of course these wheels are not part of this sale!

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