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2002 2003 Nissan Maxima FRONT EXHAUST FLEX Y HEADER PIPE for Sale

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Price: $300

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COMPLETELY BOLT ON! This is a front exhaust y pipe for2002 2003Nissan Maxima. This design is much better than the factory and is the best available. Complete, includes the gaskets. Pipe has provision for Oxygen sensors just like stock. Completely bolt on. This is much higher quality than the cheap junk being sold on , i install these on all the Maximas i work on that need the front pipe replaced. This design retains the precats, it does NOT delete them so all emissions compliance is retained. This improved design over stock helps fuel economy by helping the enginebreathe easier. Adds 8 horsepower over stock design.

We offer everything Maxima and also it's sister the Infiniti I30. Don't see what you are looking for? Whether you are looking for new genuine nissan parts or used Maxima parts feel free to contact us with your request.We offer 90 day warranty on used parts. New parts carry the Manufacturer's warranty.

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