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Feel Free to send me your best offer, who knows you might get luckyLOW MILES 87K!!!!!!!First two pictures are before the gauge cluster was cleaned. It is in Perfect condition for being out a 2001 model year vehicle!
Few very fine minor scratches on the lens. It is the nicest used gauge cluster you are going to find. I installed the cluster in my vechicle to ensure everything works and indeed it does. Speedometer Tachometer Fuel Gauge and Temp Gauge all work! Warning lights all work! 87,746 miles on the odometer. IM NOT SURE IF THE ILLUMINATION WORKS because I installed the gauge in daytime. There is four or five bulbs used for illumination and they are nr 74 bulbs available at a local parts store autozone pepboys etc. part nr 74LL and are 4.99$
just in case.
If the possibility of the illumination not working is a deal breaker for you let me know and I will replace them for you, its very simple and straight forward, turn the base 90 degrees remove from the back of the cluster squeeze old bulb pull to remove, insert new bulb into base and back into the opening ant turn counter clockwise 90degrees.
REPLACING THE CLUSTERWhen I plugged the gauge into my car it went off of the mileage of the gauge cluster, I know some vechicles might take the mileage of the onboard computer check with the dealer to see if that might possibly be the case.(doubt it) When replacing the gauge disconnect the battery, if your for some reason turn the key while replacing the insturment cluster the "check engine light" will come on and your computer will need to be reset.Tilt wheel all the way down. There is two screws that hold the plastic piece in place, remove those with a phillips head screw driver, carefully remove the plastic piece. remove the 4 screws in each corner holding the gauge cluster in place also a phillips head, pull the gauge cluster towards you, pull the left side more toward you to have it at an angle carefully use a flat head screw driver to push down on top of the pin and gently pull on the pin to remove from back of cluster there is 3 of them for installation do the opposite of removal.

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