(20) VOLVO 240 DL Solid CHROME Lug Nuts 14 15 16 RIMS for Sale

Price: $35

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Solid Chrome PREMIUM Lug Kit

Are you tired of your cheap two piece factory lugs peeling and breaking apart? They look unsightly and they're expensive to replace, right? Maybe you purchased some new aftermarket wheels and are looking for some nice chrome lugs to complete the package? Here is the solution. PREMIUM SOLID CHROME LUGS. No cheap chrome caps/sleeves to come apart. This is a HIGH QUALITY 20 piece set, size 1/2-20, to fit the 1970-1993 Volvo 240 DL. These are conical seat and will fit 99% all aftermarket and factory wheels. Take advantage of thisHUGE sale. Don't miss out. Emailwith any questions.

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