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2 NICE YOKOHAMA GEOLANDAR G-900, 215/60/16 P215/60R16 215 60 16, TIRE # 13003 Q for Sale

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2 NICE YOKOHAMA GEOLANDAR G-900, 215/60/16 P215/60R16 215 60 16, TIRE # 13003 Q

Price: $115

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FREE SHIPPING Buy It With Confidence! We Price Match used tires, plus give 10% discount* (see Price Match Policy for details) 2 NICE YOKOHAMA GEOLANDAR G-900, 215/60/16 P215/60R16 215 60 16, TIRE # 13003 Q





Approximate tread: 6-7/32
About 60-70% of tread life left

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michael chamberlain, Engine: 4cyl 2.0, Supercharger: procharger Turbos: none Tires: 225 75r 18

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Magnus Nyholm, Engine: B234R, Turbos: Mitsubishi TD04HL-19T #7 Tires: 225/45

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Branden Chung, Engine: B204L, Turbos: Stock T25, wastegate helper spring

1995 Saab 900 SE Turbo: 14.670 @ 104.000
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