2- 5"x10" Gloss Pink vehicle graphic film sheets. Universal Vinyl Bowtie Wraps for Sale

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2- 5"x10" Gloss Pink Vinyl sheets

What’s Included:

  • 2 sheets of 5 inch x 10 inch Gloss Red vinyl film that can be used to wrap virtually anything from cell phones to vehicle emblems.
  • Available in : GLOSS- Black, White, Red, Pink, Yellow and Orange. METALLIC- Dark Gray, Silver or Dark Blue or Matte Black. Specify color choice in "add message" section during checkout or for Mobile/APP users, send us a message. Otherwise Gloss Pink will be sent.
  • Detailed installation instructions, nothing to modify or remove on your vehicle.
  • Installation requires soapy water, hairdryer / heat gun and a sharp hobby knife to trim excess.

About the Film:

  • 7-year high performance outdoorvinyl will not fade, chip, crack or peel.
  • Unlike precut bowtie overlays, these can be installed with much more precision. Never an off-corner or alignment issue, much easier to avoid bubbles and wrinkles
  • Don't like that Gold Bowtie? This 2 mil film gives your bowties a whole new look without looking like an obvious add-on.
  • Permanent unless purposely removed without leaving any adhesive residue to clean.

About Us:

  • Our #1 goal is to serve you with the highest quality materials and provide great customer service before, during and after all transactions.
  • We will ALWAYS beat competitor prices and we NEVER profit on shipping.

The Competition?

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  • No seller has a return policy that is as flexible as ours. We want you to feel secure with your purchase.
  • Paint - Permanent, in order to remove you will need to replace yourexpensive bowties.
  • Hard Covers - Some are clip on while others are Velcro or double sided tape. Water, dirt and debris get trapped between your cover and light. Can be easily ripped off by vandals.
  • Static Cling -Biggest complaints among users - falls off at highway speeds, car washes and can be easily ripped off by vandals if you can get it to stick initially.

  • - These are vinyl film sheets, not hard plastic, fiberglass nor are they replacement emblems.

    -All photos show our film installed on various emblems. The Chevrolet Bowtie is a Trademark of GM and not affiliated with us in any manner. These are not cut in any shape other than rectangle.

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