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Mustang Series 2 WheelEnergize the look of your ride with this 1994-2004 Mustang SVE Series 2 wheel! Featuring a split, 5-spoke pattern; the Series 2 wheel is the perfect combination of high-class styling and race-inspired design! The 18" diameter gracefully fills out your wheel wells without sacrificing performance. Finished in a brilliant, satin bronze paint, with machined lip and simulated chrome rivets; your new SVE Series 2 wheels will look right at home on any color Mustang!
SVE QualitySVE carefully measured every millimeter of this wheel to ensure the best fit, and finish, for your Mustang. From the backspacing and offset, to the 9" width and 18" diameter, the Series 2 wheel provides your Mustang with superior styling and exceptional performance! Constructed using 1-piece, cast aluminum; the Series 2 wheel is built to last!
Wheel SpecsSize: 18x9Offset: +24mmBackspacing: 5.95Lip Size: 1.34"Weight: 24.20lbsLug Pattern: 5x114.3
Application- Fits 1994-2004 Mustang
SN95 Spindle Wheels - Clearance Notes
1979-93 Mustang (All) - Must be using 1994-2004 Mustang spindles for correct fitment.1979-93 Mustang (All) - Steering rack limiters May be needed to eliminate rubbing issues when turning the front wheel.1979-90 Mustang (All) - Due to smaller front wheel openings, Installation of wheels or tires that are wider than the factory may require additional clearance on front fenders.1979-04 Mustang (All) - Rear quad shock equipped Mustangs may need to have the quad shocks reversed or removed for proper fitment. Please check for clearance before driving.1979-04 Mustang (All) - Installation of wheels that are wider than the factory wheels on the rear of your Mustang may require fender rolling and exhaust modification for proper fitment.1994-04 Mustang Cobra/IRS Equipped (All) - May require Low Profile IRS Subframe Bolts for proper clearance.1994-04 Mustang Cobra/IRS Equipped (All) - An 1/8" Wheel Spacer may be required to ensure the rear center caps are properly secured.

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