1992 92 1993 93 94 Ford Escort Hubcap Rim Wheel Cover Hub Cap 14" OEM USED 892 4 for Sale

Price: $59.99

A set of FOUR (4) 92-94 Ford Escort 14" factory full wheel covers.This is a VERY used set with MANY deep scratches / scrapes and dings.These scratches / scrapes and dings will be noticeable from even a short distance.Entire flat faces curb damaged.The original silver finish is VERY faded and worn dull due to time.Staining that does not polish off.Paint pitted and worn completely away.Finish faded different shades.All mounting clips in good working order.On a scale from 1 to 10, these rate a "5" or less in condition.Poor driver car quality.Buyer to pay shipping with a flat rate of $20 within the continental U.S..Elsewhere there are additional charges.Accept most methods of payment.California buyer to pay state sales tax.

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