1984-1986 Fiero Headlight Motor Rebuild Service GT SE for Sale

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*I want to buy 84-86Fiero headlight motor cores. If you have any extra and would like to sell I will give $25 each for them or credit towards your purchase.

**Please remember to return your headlight motor cores as soon as possible (with option #2) so that I can continue to provide quality remanufactured headlight motors to our friends in theFiero community.

This sale is for oneheadlight motor rebuild serviceapplicable to 1984 through 1986Pontiac Fieros with OEM part numbers5045863 and 5045862.

If you need both headlight motors rebuilt just select 2 items and I will assume you need 1 left and 1 right. Usually when one motor fails the other is not far behind.

There isno aftermarketfor these headlight motors and rebuildable core motors are getting very scarce. Rebuilding these motors is theonly good optionso please understand this before ordering and please remember to return your core(s) so I can continue to provide a low cost alternative to other Pontiac Fiero owners. Please check my response to see my many happy customers!

Removal and installation instructions now available upon request. Just add a note with your payment and I will send them to your Paypal email address.

You have 2 options to handle the core exchange for this item:

*OPTION # 1 CORE EXCHANGE.......After winning and paying for this item you can send your headlight motor core(s) and I will rebuild it and ship it back to you within 2 business days of reciept or send an already rebuilt replacement. The shipping address to send you core(s) is available in the "shipping and payments" tab. You will also receive a message after your purchase which will include the shipping address to send your cores.

**OPTION #2 REFUNDABLE CORE DEPOSIT......If you prefer to have the motor(s) shipped to you right away and then return your core(s) to me later please see my other listing that has the $35 per motor refundable core deposit included in the purchase price. The deposit will be promptly refunded back to your Paypal account (or credit card if payment is made by credit card) the same day I receive your complete rebuildable core motor(s). The other listing includes a small fee to help cover additional fees. If you prefer to avoid the fee you can purchase this listing and send a message or a note with your payment requesting option #2 and I will send you a separate PayPal invoice for the refundable core deposit. Also let us know which side you need if only purchasing one. For more information about core deposits and why they are neccessary please review the information in the link below: DUTY GEAR UPGRADE (recommended) only $35 additional....I am now able to offer a heavy duty rebuild with a CNC machined hard anodized aluminum gear. This upgrade will fortify the main weakness in these motors which is the gear assembly. You will likely never have to worry about a stripped or broken gear ever again. You cannot buy a new or rebuilt motor with this upgrade anywhere else but here. I now have a separate listing on to purchase this gear upgrade. See my other listings or search for “carguy8t8 gear upgrade” to purchase this upgrade or you are still welcome to request a total with the upgrade before you pay and I will add the upgrade to your invoice.

****VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.........Every headlight motor is completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned (as shown in my pictures) to remove 20+ years of dirt and grime and the internal lubricants that with time have become more like sticky glue than lubricating grease. The brushes, armature & commutator are all inspected for wear and replaced when necessary, the nylon gear and rubber bumpers are replaced and properly lubricated with the correct (expensive) grease for the application. Every moving part is lubricated to be sure it is moving freely as it should and then the housing is sealed and reassembled with new stainless steel bolts for long lasting corrosion resistance.

The entire assembly is fully bench tested to assure your headlight motor is working perfectly and runs as quiet and smooth as when it was new! The limit switch is also tested to make sure it is working correctly. My rebuilds will have ZERO backlash when I am done so no more headlight motor "click of death" which causes battery drain.

WARRANTY.......All my headlight motors come with a2 year no hassle warranty (3 year with aluminum gear upgrade). If you have a problem with your motor just send it back to me and I willrepair it andship backto you within 2 business days or less. No nonexistent, 30 day, or 3 month warranty here! Just remember "you get what you pay for". A cheaper price is not always the best value!

Feel free to contact me at 574-596-6638 or through messaging system with your questions or concerns before offerding.

I have a 10 day handling time on my listing to accomodate those sending me thier cores for rebuild but if you pay the core deposit your headlight motor will usually ship within 2 business days.

I am a Fiero enthusiast and my goal is to have a happy customers 100% of the time. If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase just let me know and I will do everything I can to correct your problem.

Beware rebuilders who are using petroleum based grease to lubricate the gears! This is the wrong grease for this application and will permeate the plastic gear and cause premature failure. Petroleum based grease will break down over time and coat the inside of the motor and brushes causing it to fail. Lithium grease will also dry out very quickly.

Beware sellers selling used headlight motors that have not been rebuilt! If they are still working they won't be for long. After 20+ years they will soon fail for the same reasons as the one(s) you are trying to replace. That is why they do not warranty them or only warranty them for14 days (Seriously 14 days!!!) In most cases my rebuild service is still cheaper than used motors.

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