1984 - 2002 Jeep XJ Cherokee 6.5" Lift Kit with X-Flex SYE KIT & CV Driveshaft for Sale

Price: $1,250

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You are Buying a Brand New 1984 - 2002 Jeep XJ Cherokee 6.5" Lift Kit with X-Series Flex Arms, a Adams Driveshaft 1310 Rock Crawler CV Driveshaft, and a Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Slip Yoke Eliminater Kit.

You get a better price buying the Lift Kit, and the Sye Package together, but wealso sellthe SYE Kitand Driveshaft package, or the lift kit seperate if you don't need them both.

Note: You must have a 231 transfer case for thisItem to work on your Cherokee due to the sye kit.Will not work witha NP242 transfer case.

You will recieve the Lift Kit and SYE Package in two seperate shipments within a Couple of days of each other.

Extreme Flex without the Extreme Price.

Benefits:• 100% bolt-on installation.• Increased ground clearance.• Features our NEW X-Flex control arms:

•Clevite OEM style rubber bushings

• Massive flex joints with 2.5" diameter body and huge 1.25" threads

• Adjustable from stock to 6" of lift

• All joints are fully rebuildable

• Fully greasable

• Adjustable retainer ring

• Upper joints pivot up to 20 degrees

• Lower joints pivot up to 35 degrees

• Lower control arms are made of Heavy Duty tubing

• N2.0 shocks are application valved providing optimum on and off-road performance and feature:

• Nitrogen charged

• Massive 1 3/8" bore

• Chrome hardened 9/16" piston rod

• 10 stage variable valving

• Spring loaded piston rod seal

• Military spec. fluid rated to -50° & SYE KIT: Adams Driveshaft Rock Crawler 1310 CV Driveshaft & Rugged Ridge SYE Kit.Specs:• Part #: 696N2 • Install Time: 6 -10 hours• Wheel Backspacing: 3.75"• Recommended Tire Size: 33x12.50 (35" Tire's will work withsome trimming on the Fenders)Kit DescriptionThe new 6.5" X-Series N2 features a transfer case drop kit, adjustable track bar, brake line brackets, sway-bar disconnects and a drop pitman arm, promoting optimum angles for suspension components after lifting . A set of lifted coil springs, all-new rear lifted leaf springs and rear lift shackles help your XJ gain a total of 6.5" in lift - plenty of clearance for 33" tires and up to 35" with minor fender trimming. This X-Series kit features Rough Country's X-Flex Control arms in the front upper and lower position. X-Flex Arms are fully adjustable, and feature a ball-in joint, massive 2.5" diameter body, and huge 1.25" threads. X-Flex Control Arm Joints have long offered considerable range, strength, and safety for off-road applications – but it doesn't stop there. X-Flex Joints now feature Adjustable Retainer Rings, allowing you to preload the bushings by compressing them prior to install. These NEW bushings are fitted with interlocking grooves that completely encase the ball joint for a firm grip. Made of high-quality 88 Durometer Urethane, these bushings retain the memory of their original shape, are weather resistant, and offer a much longer lifespan. This X-Series Lift now also offers N2.0 shocks; outfitted with rubber bushings and armed with 10-stage velocity sensitive valving, chromed hardened 9/16" piston rods, and massive 1 3/8" bores; allowing for a super smooth highway ride and outstanding control in rugged off-road situations - all from the same shock. So if you're looking for longevity and an uncompromised ride, look no further. Rough Country's X-Series N2 features the best of the best in off-road hardware.

We have installedalot of these lift kits with no problems. The companys that make these parts give you some of the best warranty's in the business. Rough Country gives you a Lifetime Warranty on the suspension parts, Rugged Ridge gives you three years on the SYE KIT, and Adams Driveshaft gives you Lifetime on the welds and Tube.

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us,or call us at 702-568-7415 between the hours of 8:00 to 5:00pm Pacific timeMonday thru Friday. Thanks for checking out our item.


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