1982-1994 S10 Blazer S10 pickup steering wheel BOWTIE 13 3/4" BLACK SPOKE for Sale

Price: $124.95

Black rim.

Blacksteel spokes.

Measures 13 3/4" in diameter with a 2 1/4" dish.

Thiswheel is smaller in diameter than the car manufacturers originalwheel. People often choose a smaller diameter wheel as compared totheir cars original wheel for both appearance and driving comfort. Tocompare your cars wheel size to this wheel, just measure across yourcars wheel from left to right to find the diameter. The dish is howfar the wheel extends to the driver from the top of the steeringcolumn to the wheel rim.

Fits all 1982-1994 Chevrolet S-10 and S-10 Blazer.

TECH NOTE: Fits both standard and tilt steering columns.

TECH NOTE: Fits Ididit, Flaming River, CPP and other after market custom steering columns.

TECH NOTE: Will not fit telescopic steering columns.

TECHNOTE: Wheel features 3 bolt mounting. Hub adapter included allows for3 bolt mounting.


Steering wheel.

Bowtiehorn button.

Installation kit - horn kit - hub adapterto mount the wheel to the steering column and provides a working horn button.

Instructions included.

This is a complete steering wheel kit with everything you need to install.


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