1982-1987 Buick Grand National Hood Liner Insulation for Sale

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1982 to 1987Buick Grand National / Turbo Regal /T Type Hood Liner Insulation Heat Shield Pad - made from aircraft firewall/bulkhead material with 3 silver decals: BUICK/TURBOCHARGED/POWER 6Hoodliner is ON SALE FOR $59.99, 3 decals are $20 FOR A TOTAL OF $79.99, PLUS GET FREE SHIPPING TO USA AND CANADA!!! NORMAL PRICE IS $85 FOR THE LINER, $35 FOR THE 3 DECALS AND $13 SHIPPING FOR A TOTAL OF $133. EVEN AT THE REGULAR PRICE IT'S STILL WAY BELOW BUYING AN NOS LINER WITH INSANE SHIPPING CHARGES FOR AN ORIGINAL THAT WILL FALL APART AGAIN WHILE MINE WON'T.PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU'RE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY FOR SHIPPING QUOTE - I SHIP WORLDWIDE!THIS IS NOT LIKE THE STOCK LINER, IT'S A DIFFERENT SUPERIOR CHEMICAL FORMULATION MADE FOR MILITARY and CIVILIAN AIRCRAFT!! ALSO USED IN AEROSPACE APPLICATIONS - (think NASA)! IF YOU'RE READING THIS YOU KNOW HOW OUTRAGEOUSLY PRICED THE INFERIOR STOCK LINER IS AND THAT'S RIDICULOUS.***** PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY! THE HOOD MUST BE REMOVED FOR INSTALLATIONAND 3M #80 SPRAY ADHESIVE MUST BE USED–MORE INFO ON THAT IS ON MY STORE CUSTOM PAGE *****This is a hood liner insulation/insulator pad for the 1982 through 1987Buick Grand National / Turbo RegalT Type.It will fit other Regal modelsas well from those years, I understand there was no Grand National in 1983.It's made of ¼ inch thick closed-cell vinyl nitrile in the form of a mat, or "skin", smooth on one side and very durable, effective to over 225 F. This material is made for aircraft firewalls and bulkheads and isSUPERIOR to the original hood liner. It's FAA-approved, used inmilitary and civilian aviation as well as aerospace (shuttle and space station)and as such must stand up to forces and temperature fluctuations that our cars don't experience. It holds up extremely well, much better than the OEM hood pad, keeps the exterior of the hood cool and will not reflect engine heat back down toward your intake. This liner is black, in one piece with a SILVER BUICK/TURBOCHARGED/POWER 6 emblem. Silver is thedecal color on the original liner. The decal is applied to the smooth side, it won't come off or slide around, and isn't affected by heat. The decals will be shipped with the liner, and you can install it yourself. It's not hard to place on the liner and instructions are included. The decals willNOT adhere to your old factory liner - it's been tried before and they just won't stick due to the type of surface, even with some glue - it just won't work.PLEASE NOTE: This aircraft firewall material hoodliner works best with the stock hood and stock engine equipment. If you have a larger turbo, or an unshielded turbo, along with larger headers then I can't guarantee the liner won't fail due to the intense heat you may generate, especially if these components are closer to the underhood. Please check with me first! The liner is pre-cut to fit years 1982 ('82), 1983 ('83) Regal, 1984 ('84), 1985 ('85), 1986 ('86)through 1987 ('87) Buick Grand Nationals, T Types, Regal, and it may fit other models, even the 1981 model year Regal.Installation is easy using 3M #80 spray adhesive, found only at Home Depot in the glue/adhesive section in the paint area. 3M #80 adhesive is the ONLY spray-on adhesive recommended for this liner as it stands up to the heat. Use of any other adhesive can cause the liner to sag or come loose, interfering with throttle linkage, pulleys, fan belts, engine components, etc.My liner is installed with the hood OFF the car, more info in my extra information page, click here to view.

You can see the images of this liner, and it really is far better than the OEM hood pad. I have this liner installed on my own daily driver 1997 Ford Thunderbird Limited Edition and 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC, with a decal, and it holds up very well! It keeps the exterior of the hood cool and will not reflect engine heat back down toward your intake. I've had my liner installed forover 2 years now, and it looks exactly like the day I installed it. It hasn't gotten dirty at all! I check it all the time when I monitor the engine fluid levels.If you just need a liner and no decals let me know too! Since the liner material itself is not stiff it won't"stick out"like the factory liner. It will adhere to the ridges and contours of the underhood area. This gives more clearance underneath while ensuring insulation. In fact the side that faces out is smooth and the liner won't soak up any oil or fluids.Want more photos? note, I can feasibly make hoodliner heat shields for ANY type of vehicle, just ask!! I could use an original liner as a template, or a template made from it (easy to do)!I can offer hood liner heat shield insulation insulator pads for these vehicles:1983 to 1997 Thunderbird and Cougar - Includes the 1987/1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe and the MN-12 Super Coupe!2002 to 2005 Thunderbird1984 to 1992 Lincoln Mark VII & LSC (Luxury Sports Coupe)1993 to 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII & LSC (Luxury Sports Coupe - $95 larger liner, Gen 1 and Gen 2)1964 to 2011 Mustang - includes the '74 to '78 Mustang II, '79 to '82 Pace Cars & Turbo, the '84 to '86 SVO and '93 through 2004 Cobra, 4-cylinder, V6, V8 LX 5.0 302, GT, Shelby, Mach 1, shaker hood, 4.6 281, Foose, Saleen, Roush, Steeda, California Special, etc.1979 to 1986 Mercury Capri (used the 1979 to 1982 Mustang non-Turbo liner)1992 to 2007 Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis ($95 larger liner)2003 to 2004 Mercury Marauder1989 to 1997 Ford Probe1999 to 2003 Ford F-150, SVT, LIGHTNING2000 to 2004 Ford Focus (SE, ZTS, ZX3, 2DR, 4DR, LX, SVT, etc)2006 to 2009 Ford Fusion (SE, SEL, I-4, V6)1992 to 1999 Ford Taurus SHO ('92-'95 and '96 to '99)2010 Ford Taurus (SE, SEL, Limited, SHO FWD & AWD)1974, 1975, 1976 Bricklin SV-11963 to 1988 Avanti (Studebaker and non-Studebaker)1982 to 1987 Buick Grand National and Turbo Regal, regular Regal1997 to 2004 Buick Regal, Regal GS, Century (Century from 1997 to 2005)1968 to 1982 Chevy Corvette C31997 to 2004 Chevy Corvette C5 (without an underhood light)2007 to 2009 Chevy Corvette C6 (without an underhood light)1978 to 1987 Chevy El Camino ($95 larger liner)1981 to 1988 Chevy Monte Carlo SS ($95 larger liner)1994 to 1996 Chevy Impala SS ($95 larger liner)2006 to 2007 Chevy Monte Carlo SS2006 to 2008 Chevy Impala (uses the 2006 to 2007 Monte Carlo liner)1980 to 1990 Chevy Caprice ($95 larger liner)1967 to 1969 Chevy Camaro (with or without cowl induction)1982 to 1992 Chevy Camaro (including IROC-Z, Z-28)1993 to 1997 Chevy Camaro (including IROC-Z, Z-28)2010 to 2011 Chevy Chevrolet Camaro2005 to 2010 Chevy Cobalt and Cobalt SS (same liner as the 2005-2009 Pontiac G5)1995 to 2002 Chevy Cavalier (shared liner with the Pontiac Sunfire)2006 to 2010 Dodge Charger (SRT-8 also available!)2005 to 2010 Dodge Magnum (SRT-8 also available!)1981 to 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass1982 to 1992 Pontiac Firebird (Trans-Am?)1993 to 2002 Pontiac Firebird Formula (Trans-Am? Collector's Edition? Firehawk?)1969 to 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix1997 to 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GT/GTP2004 to 2006 Pontiac GTO (with or without airflow openings)1995 to 2002 Pontiac Sunfire GT (shared liner with Chevy Cavalier)2005-2009 Pontiac G5 (same liner as the 2005-2010 Chevy Cobalt/Cobalt SS) Will also fit the 2010 G5 in Canada!1987 to 1991 BMW 325i1984 to 1996 Nissan 300ZX / Z31 / Shiro Special / Z32 / Twin Turbo1987 to 1996 Toyota Camry ('87 to '91, '92 to '96)1979 to 1981 Toyota Celica Supra1981 to 1986 Toyota Supra (Mark III)1998 to 2002 Toyota Corolla (my father-in-law wanted one! This fits the 1998 to 2002 GEO/Chevy Prizm too!)1981 to 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ60 Series)1985 to 2001 Jeep Cherokee/Wagoneer/Comanche1993 to 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo1988 to 1994 Lincoln Continental1990 to 1997 Lincoln Town Car ($95 larger liner)1977 to 1996 Jaguar XJ-S V-6, V-121979 to 1987 Jaguar XJ-6, XJ-12 and Vanden Plas (Series III round headlights)1988 to 1994 Jaguar XJ-6, XJ-12 and Vanden Plas (square headlights)1995 to 2007 Jaguar XJ-6, XJ-8, XJ-12 and Vanden Plas1997 to 2005 Jaguar XK8/XKR (Supercharged and regular)2002 to 2008 Jaguar X-Type2005 to 2008 Jaguar S-Type1985 to 1988 Mercedes Benz 190E1989 to 1993 Mercedes Benz 190E2004 to 2006 Mercedes Benz C55 AMG (W203) (2000-2007 C-CLASS?)If I don't have your car on my list I can try to find a template from a car at the junkyard, and I alsohave a procedure for sending me a template made from your original using a dollar store shower curtain and a black Sharpie marker that's easy to do. With the scarcity of liners available at the dealership parts department I can make one for you thatreally outperforms the original!I accept PayPal, please contact me regarding other forms of payment.Please check my response as a seller - I have not had 1 single negative or neutral!Don’t pass up your chance to install this great hoodliner on your car! Thanks for looking and if you have any questions please ask! Any doubts? Please check my response, read the actual e-mails I've received , and look at the pics of my liners on cars ! One buyer wrote that he couldn't wait to install it! Another car owner wrote that he wants to drive around with his hood up so his liner and decal can be seen! Of course I don't advise on this! A lot of car enthusiasts are really liking my liners and the way it cleans up your underhood area! You can also see more images at myhoodliner

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