1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Grille set NEW Pair for Sale

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These are simply the best grille setfor ..

79 model Pontiac Firebird you will find.. with the correct fasteners.

Also fits the 1980 & 81 Firebird, Formula and TA

Free USA Delivery in the 48 States - USA ( for PR & Hawaii additional costs will be quoted)

  • Brand new pair of perfect 1979-81 Firebird Trans Am Grilles
  • Full set of CORRECT Torx head security screws & torx tool.
  • Double sided industrial strengthsealing tape fitted.


We'vealso reproduced SPECIFICALLY for this application, the correct Torx Head screws (not phillips heads)- these form part of ourspecialized fitting kit.

  • We also supply the correctTorx Head driver attachment.
  • These grilles are described independently numerous times now by ers and other restorers ...."better then originals"... - "these look perfect close up and from a distance" etc.. ... tried and tested...Check our response... ..

We ONLY SUPPLY PRODUCTS WE MAKE... & only some of them.

NOTE.. GM's early grille's in the 79-81 Firebird TAseries had an additional hole in the center lower of each grille about 3/16".. then they disco'd the hole. They did not use it and was soon removed & used an industrial quality adhesive to better secure the lower grille body along with CORRECT TORX head screws (not phlilips head) & this has been the case ever since. We have purposely NOT put a 6thhole in the lower grill were you don't use or need it & where GM's ones were not..... but IF you want to .. put one in but its pointless as GM engineers found out.. your better off without the lower center of the grill being subject to PINNED swelling.. that's another reason the strong fully stabilizing double sided tape was fitted there in the end by GM & the hole removed. We supply the ONLY correctly screw with Correct Torq heads and also include a Torq head driver too for that purpose.

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