1971 or 1972 FORD MAVERICK FRONT BUMPER-Aka Skinny Bumper for Sale

Price: $153

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The bumper is above core value and does not need to be rechromed right away..you have a good 10 years left on it and its great for a daily driver..Very straight bumper on top and very shinny but on each side of the bumper was some scuffing..Its hard to show in a pictures..Its not noticetble 5 ft away but is at 2 to 3 feet..I could find only one small outie on the bottom of the bumper..There are scratches on the bottom of the bumper like someone had parked over the edge of those parking curbs. You never see the bottom of the bumper when its on the car. The skinny bumpers will fit mavericks of other years..Thats what the Maverick/Comet Forum says...I know that the skinny bumpers look way more classy then the fat bumpers of 1973,1974,1975 and 1976..

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