1964-73 Pontiac GTO, 70-81 TRANS AM D-port RAM AIR 3 H/O EXHAUST MANIFOLDS for Sale

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NEW CASTINGS, WITH LIFETIME GUARANTEE! These are our Famous CNC port matched RamAir manifolds at a great price. Castings from other suppliers are not even close in detail(look at comparison photos...casting from Castings from Inline Tube(Motorcity Musclecar)and Ames Perf weigh7 lbs more than ours!!! (totally unnecessary) These RA castings are the best by far and at a great price!

D-port factory headers for all the Dport head engines in: 1964-1973GTO/ LM, 1974-1979 LM/can am, also 1962-1963 LeMans.., 1970-1979 FB-T/A , Catalina/Bonne/Grandville 71-79.Fit all engines 326,350.389,400,421,428,455 They fit G-body GrandPrix/MonteCarlo with traditional Pontiac v8. We make full exhaust systems or just splice pipes to complete your install.

These will not fit 301v8. These will not fit Edlebrock 60509 or 60569 or 60589. These WILL fit new Edlebrock D-port and Kauffman heads.

optional Ceramicthermal barrier coating in Silver orGray Ceramic Coating is optional for additional 199.00 per pair ...just tell usif you want thiswith a"note to seller"

Questions on fitment or applications call RARE at .

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