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17" Honeycomb Cast Wheels Pontiac GTO Trans Am 17x9 for Sale

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Price: $824

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17x9 Honeycomb Wheels (Set of 4) (

***As of right now these wheels are on back order. We will be adding to our back order list for the first shipment that comes in. *** The exact delivery date is not available at this time.

NEW 17x9 Honeycomb Cast Wheels

Set of 4

17" x 9" version of the Honeycomb wheels that came on 1971-1976 Firebird Trans Am and 1971-1972 GTO models (245/50 tires recommended for GTOs).5"Backspacing, 5on4-3/4"Bolt Pattern

Works on 1st & 2nd Gen Trans Ams.

Will not work on 3rd & 4th Gen Trans Ams. This is the only size available right now in the cast honeycomb wheel.

Silver Powder Coated Centers w/ Clear Coated Machine Edges

Overseas shipping: We will ship outside of the US; please contact us for a quote. Please include your shipping address.
  • Tires: This listing does NOTinclude the tires. If we provide them, we have to drop ship them separately from the wheels so there would be an extra shipping cost and then you will have to mount and balance them locally.
  • The '71 Blue GTO in the pictures has 255/45 for the front and 255/50 for the rear.
  • Lug Nuts & Caps: This listing does not include caps &lug nuts but we do have them available. Lug Nuts are on , Item Number 310371762388 $25. A set of center caps is $95 + shipping with the purchase of the wheels. Caps and lugs will be shipped separately from the wheels.

*Due to the custom nature of these wheels, they are NON-Returnable if tires have been mounted on them.

Want to Lower your Car? We have front and rear lowering springs available: Item Number: 330779945385

We also have shocks that go along side these springs: Item Number: 330779624784


Contact us at 402-465-5756 with any questions.

Please use PayPal or you can call us at 402-465-5756 and pay over the phone with a Master Card, American Express, Visa or Discover Card.
Please see domestic shipping prices. The price shown is for all 4 wheels. We will ship overseas; if your country is not listed, please contact us and we will get a shipping quote for you right away.
These wheels cannot be returned after they have been mounted. Please make sure you know what you need before purchasing & let us know if you have any questions. If you return wheels that have not been mounted, there will be a 15% restocking fee and you will have to pay shipping to ship them back to our shop.
Please contact our shop if you have any questions about the wheels or if you need help with fitment at 402-465-5756.

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