17" Bullitt Wheel Black 17x10.5 Rim Fits Mustang® for Sale

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{u'IMAGE_1': u'IMAGE_3': u'IMAGE_2': u'IMAGE_5': u'IMAGE_4': u'CUSTITEM_IMAGE5URL': u'CUSTITEM_FHI_STGRDWHEELSIZE': '', u'CUSTITEM_CONTACT_TEXT': '', u'CUSTITEMTITAN_STEM_ANGLE': '', u'CUSTITEM_SIZE': u'17x10.5', u'CUSTITEMTITAN_PRODUCT_LINE': '', u'CUSTITEM_NPP__TITLE': '', u'CUSTITEM_FHI_TEMPERATING': '', '', u'CUSTITEMTITAN_IS_ADJUSTABLE': 'false', u'CUSTITEM_DISCLAIMERTEXT': '', u'ITEMID': '8181831', u'CUSTITEM_BACKSPACE': '6.81', '', u'MANUFACTURER': 'Protech Wheel Industry Co LTD', u'CUSTITEM_EPID': '', u'SKU': '', u'CUSTITEMTITAN_MODEL': '', u'CUSTITEM_MAKE_MODEL_YEAR_DATA': 'Ford/Mustang/1994-2004', u'CUSTITEM_OEW__TITLE': '17" Bullitt Wheel Black 17x10.5 Rim Fits Mustang\xae', u'CUSTITEM_IMAGE_2': '', u'IMAGES': [], u'CUSTITEM_CP_TITLE': '', u'CUSTITEM__TITLE_2': 'Single 17x10.5 Black Bullitt Wheel Fits Mustang\xae 94-04', u'CUSTITEM_HOLLANDERNUMBER': '-', u'CUSTITEM_CENTERCAPS': u'Center cap included, Original center cap will interchange', u'CUSTITEM_IMAGE_4': '', u'CUSTITEM__CONSTRUCTION': '', u'CUSTITEM_SENSOR_FREQUENCY': '', u'CUSTITEM5': '', u'CUSTITEM_IMAGE4URL': u'CUSTITEMTITAN_CONDITION': '', u'CUSTITEMTITAN_IS_TAKEOFF': 'false', u'CUSTITEM_FINISHDETAILTEXT': 'Black with a Fine Machined Lip: The finish on this wheel is achieved through several different phases. The finishing process includes a black powder coat foundation followed by two layers of clear coat, not a one stage enamel. This is the correct way to finish a wheel. The lip of the wheel is then precision machined using a coolant and ceramic bit. This method creates a fine machined aluminum appearance on the lip of the wheel. They have an absolutely beautiful finish with a superior sheen due to the additional layer of clear coat. The photograph does not depict the superior finish of the wheel.', u'CUSTITEM_ITEMID': '8181831', u'USER_IMAGE_2': u'USER_IMAGE_3': u'USER_IMAGE_1': u'CUSTITEM4B': '', u'CUSTITEM4': '', u'CUSTITEM_ITEMSKUWITHID': 'DMI-FR01-17105-5450-27BM', u'CUSTITEM3': '', u'CUSTITEM2': '', u'PURCHASEDESCRIPTION': '', u'CUSTITEMTITAN_YEAR_START': '', u'FEATUREDDESCRIPTION': 'Single Bullitt Style Replica Wheel', u'TITLE': '', u'CUSTITEMTITAN_STEM_ATTACHMENT': '', u'CUSTITEM_FINISHMAIN': u'Black', u'CUSTITEM_ITEMDISCLAIMER': '', u'CUSTITEMTITAN_SUBTITLE': '', u'CUSTITEM_IMAGE_3': '', u'CUSTITEM_RELEARNPROCEDURETEXT': '', u'CUSTITEM_IMAGE_1': '', u'STOREDETAILEDDESCRIPTION': '17" Fits Mustang® Bullitt - Bullet Style Replica Wheel - Black Machined Lip 17x10.5', u'W1X_IMAGE_4': u'CUSTITEM_FHI_PRODUCT': '', u'CUSTITEM_OEWITEMID': 'FR01-17105-5450-27BM', u'CUSTITEMTITAN_TORQUE': '', u'CUSTITEM_FHI_TIRESIZE': '', u'STOREDESCRIPTION': '17" Fits Mustang® Bullitt - Bullet Style Replica Wheel - Black Machined Lip 17x10.5', u'CUSTITEM_IMAGE1URL': u'CUSTITEM_TITAN__TITLE': '', u'MPN': '', u'BULLETS': [], u'CUSTITEM_WHEELOFFSET': '27.0', u'CUSTITEM_IMAGE2URL': u'CUSTITEM__MEASUREMENTS': '', u'CUSTITEM__CAP_FITMENT': '', u'CUSTITEMTITAN_SHORT_TITLE': '', u'B1W_IMAGE_4': u'B1W_IMAGE_5': u'B1W_IMAGE_2': u'B1W_IMAGE_3': u'B1W_IMAGE_1': u'CUSTITEMTITAN_IS_REMOVABLE': 'false', u'CUSTITEMTITAN_STEM_COLOR': '', u'CUSTITEM_IMAGE3URL': u'CUSTITEM_FITMENTDESCRIPTION': 'Rear fitment only. All Mustangs® 1994 - 2004, Fitment provided for stock vehicles only.', u'OEW_IMAGE_5': u'OEW_IMAGE_4': u'OEW_IMAGE_3': u'OEW_IMAGE_2': u'OEW_IMAGE_1': u'CUSTITEM__TITLE': '17" Rim Fits Mustang\xae Bullitt Wheel Black 17x10.5', u'CUSTITEM_FHI_TREADRATING': '', u'W1X_IMAGE_1': u'CUSTITEM_FHI_STGRDWHEELOFFSET': '', u'CUSTITEM_FHI_REARTIRESIZE': '', u'DESCRIPTION': '', u'CUSTITEM_FHI_SPEEDRATING': '', u'CUSTITEM_FHI_TRACRATING': '', u'CUSTITEMTITAN_YEAR_END': '', u'CUSTITEMTITAN_IS_REMOVEABLE': '', u'CUSTITEM_BOLTPATTERN': u'5-114.3', u'CUSTITEM_RELEARNCODE': '', u'W1X_IMAGE_2': u'W1X_IMAGE_3': u'CUSTITEM_OE_PART_NUMBER': '', u'W1X_IMAGE_5':

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