1320 Performance adjustable Sway Bar End Links S4 RX7 FC3S FD 1988-1992-PRO VER for Sale

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View more great items BRAND: 1320 Performance PRODUCT: SWAY BAR ADJUSTABLE ENDLINKS with CNC machined spacer bushings. - PRO SERIES
***the silver endlinks installed on the test car is standard series endlink the one you receive will be the black version Pro series. ***ON FD front sway bar end link mounting bracket on the lower control arm may require additional washer that is not included with the kit.when use the end links on rear of the vehicle please use the oem bolt that connect sway bar to the hub

we use High-Quality self-lubricating Sphericalbearings that are made with PTFE liner the quality is far superior to the one that is manufactured in China.These adjustable end linkscan be placed under high load and will not fail, unlike fixed OEM endlinks which sometimesthe ends are plastic which cracks and pop out. The spherical ballin the endlink allow the free range of motions so the swaybar to operate as designed even when the ride height of the vehicle is lowered.The endlinksare very helpful when corner balance your car. This allows the user to remove any preload from the standard or aftermarket rear anti-roll bar setup.The shorter collapsed overall length also regains proper anti-roll bar geometry on lowered vehicles. The endlinks are PTFE lined rod ends which ensures quiet operation throughout the use of the product. No grease or lubricant is needed. Our pro series sway bar end links last 3 times longer than the stanard series end linksOur CNC spacer bushings are made from 304 stainless steel with insert into the spherical bearing which allow the weight to be in the middle of the bearing instead at the corner of the bearing which will result in premature failure.

CENTER TO CENTER: 89mm - 110mm

BOLT SPEC: 10x1.25 thread pitch. 4 standard length bolt 2 longer bolts for aftermarketsway bars.

we ship all package within 1 business days. we ship fast via USPS priority mail with insurance.

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