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r12a Refrigerant "18 oz Equivalent" - 1 can Replacement for R134a and r12

r12a Refrigerant is a blend of environmentally safe hydrocarbon refrigerants designed as a replacement for R-134a and retrofitted CFC-R12 systems. r12a can be used to replace HCF R-134a and CFC-R12 substitute refrigerants in mobile air conditioning and refrigeration units.

r12a operates at lower head pressures and offers colder air and improved performance compared toHFC-R134a. r12a will extend the life of a system because of the lower head pressures.r12a Replacement Refrigerantrequires approximately 1/3 the amount of the original charge in the system and must be charged as a liquid.


Operation:r12a Replacement Refrigerant operates at lower head pressures which results in an increased lifespan of the compressor and decreased engine load.

Compatibility: r12a Replacement Refrigerantis compatible with most air-conditioning lubricants, seals, gaskets, hoses, compressors and o-rings.
r12a Replacement Refrigerantalong with mineral oil are Incompatible with butyl rubber hoses.

Environment: r12a Replacement Refrigerantis a 100% natural organic refrigerant.
r12a Replacement Refrigerantis non-ozone depleting and has a low global warming potential.
r12a Replacement Refrigerantis in full compliance with the UN Montreal Protocol and meets or exceeds international standards such as—ISO 5149, BS 4434-1995, AS/NZS 1677 and ASHRAE 5149.

One 6 ounce can ofr12a Replacement Refrigerantis equivalent to15 oz.of HFC-134a & 17 oz. of CFC-R12.

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