10044282 New Exhaust Manifold Chevy S 10 Blazer S-10 Pickup Jimmy 15 S10 Sonoma for Sale

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Parts Mechanic Product Information 10044282 New Exhaust Manifold Chevy S 10 Blazer S-10 Pickup Jimmy 15 S10 Sonoma Description / Notes:PZNG960719
Warranty: 18 Months
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"Prozone Exhaust Manifold --


Replace your worn out or damaged factory unit with a brand new Prozone Exhaust Manifold. This brand new item features style for quick installation.

This product is covered with 18 months limited Prozone warranty!


Material: Cast Iron Anticipated ship out time: 1-2 Business Days Quantity sold: Sold Individually Product fit: Direct Fit Replaces oe number: 10044282 Number of cylinders: 4 Notes: Tubular design; With wrap around heat shield Deals: Overstock Condition: New

Brand New in the Box - Fit and Quality Guaranteed!

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Please note that this product is an oversized item which ships by a freight carrier. Typical delivery time for this item is 10-14 business days.
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Vehicle Fitment Information Year Make Model Submodel Engine 87-93 Chevrolet LLV Base 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 91 Chevrolet S10 Baja 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 85-93 Chevrolet S10 Base 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 85-90 Chevrolet S10 Durango 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 92-93 Chevrolet S10 EL 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 85-89 Chevrolet S10 Sport 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 85-92 Chevrolet S10 Tahoe 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 85-88 Chevrolet S10 Blazer Base 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 87-88 Chevrolet S10 Blazer High Country 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 85-88 Chevrolet S10 Blazer Sport 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 85-88 Chevrolet S10 Blazer Tahoe 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 85-90 GMC S15 Base 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 87 GMC S15 EL 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 86-88 GMC S15 Gypsy 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 85-90 GMC S15 High Sierra 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 85-90 GMC S15 Sierra Classic 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 85-88 GMC S15 Jimmy Base 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 85-88 GMC S15 Jimmy Gypsy 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 85 GMC S15 Jimmy High Sierra 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 85-88 GMC S15 Jimmy Sierra Classic 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 88 GMC S15 Jimmy Timberline 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 91-93 GMC Sonoma Base 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 91-93 GMC Sonoma SLE 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID 93 GMC Sonoma SLS 4Cyl 2.5L 151CID Chevrolet | LLV | 1987 Chevrolet | LLV | 1988 Chevrolet | LLV | 1989 Chevrolet | LLV | 1990 Chevrolet | LLV | 1991 Chevrolet | LLV | 1992 Chevrolet | LLV | 1993 Chevrolet | S10 | 1991 Chevrolet | S10 | 1985 Chevrolet | S10 | 1986 Chevrolet | S10 | 1987 Chevrolet | S10 | 1988 Chevrolet | S10 | 1989 Chevrolet | S10 | 1990 Chevrolet | S10 | 1992 Chevrolet | S10 | 1993 Chevrolet | S10 Blazer | 1985 Chevrolet | S10 Blazer | 1986 Chevrolet | S10 Blazer | 1987 Chevrolet | S10 Blazer | 1988 GMC | S15 | 1985 GMC | S15 | 1986 GMC | S15 | 1987 GMC | S15 | 1988 GMC | S15 | 1989 GMC | S15 | 1990 GMC | S15 Jimmy | 1985 GMC | S15 Jimmy | 1986 GMC | S15 Jimmy | 1987 GMC | S15 Jimmy | 1988 GMC | Sonoma | 1991 GMC | Sonoma | 1992 GMC | Sonoma | 1993 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993
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